Thursday, July 12, 2007


United Women’s Forum convened at 10:00 a.m. on July 11, 2007 at the home of Linda Reeves. Debra Poulsen opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. There were about 20 women in attendance. She noted that “we are women who love America and love God.” She gave a thought to ponder about “What is truth?” “What is going on in this land which God has given us?” We need to seek for “truth.” Opening prayer was offered by Janet Seamons and then Debra introduced Dalane England as the guest speaker.

Dalane’s topic was titled “The Power of Declaration.” She began with an object lesson dropping a pen to the floor and asked “why did the pen fall?” Of course the answer was “because of gravity.” She then said “we don’t have to believe in the principle of gravity but still the pen will fall. Just because someone says it does not make it so but there is truth that will always be truth and we need to seek for truth.” Dalane stated that throughout the ages declarations have been made by prophets and even Jesus Christ declaring who exactly they were and what they were about. She quoted a scripture which stated about “the word having a more powerful effect than the sword” – that we should “try the virtue of the power of the word…” Churches have made official declaration such as “The Proclamation on the Family – a Declaration to the World.” Founding fathers set forth the foundation of a new nation in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, forever changing the complexion of the world in establishing a free land and breaking ties with England. “Each of us has a mission which is our very own, designed specifically for us as individuals. It is our sole purpose for us to fulfill that mission,” Delane said. She asked us to ask ourselves how we can fill our missions better, serve God better, and be of better value in preserving what we have. As we make a positive difference, others around us are lifted as well. To illustrate this point she gave the analogy of water boiling at 211 degrees Fahrenheit and then by adding just one degree to become 212 degrees, water becomes steam and creates greater energy and power. Likewise, when we join forces of truth, we become stronger and more powerful. Delane asked us to each read and ponder the United Women’s Forum Declaration to know exactly what this organization stands for. Then, she suggested, we should become educated in the political process and decide how we can make a difference. She said that “true heroines are those in the trenches” and this group is in the trenches, trying to preserve truth and freedom that God and our Founding Fathers established for this nation and for our own personal missions. Ron Zellar was a man 78 years old. He decided to run a 100 mile race but knew that it would be very difficult for him so he set a goal to run only 25 of the 100 miles. When he finally gave out, he had run 75 miles. His wife pushed him in the back and chided him to get going and finish the race which he courageously did – all 100 miles in good time. Ron attributed his successful run to the fact that he declared he would do it and had the faith to do it. “The Power of Declaration works,” stated Delane. It is a principle of action, a principle faith in God and a principle of faith and trust in self.

Linda Reeves spoke briefly about this organization’s website which is: and encouraged us to keep up with news and happenings at that interactive site. Having a blog gives us an opportunity to respond and ask questions about issues we are working on now and how to act to support truth. She noted that our organization suggests reading sites such as: AFA, FRC, UFI and Lighted Candle. We can donate money, time, write letters, sign petitions and get contact links information for our legislators and others. Next, Linda spoke about ERA. She stated that in the ‘70s, the ERA was not ratified. This past spring, Congresswoman Maloney and Senator Ted Kennedy proposed this bill again using the same exact wording as the previous bill. There are 3 states which did not support ERA in the ‘70s but 15 states are being targeted. Among them are: Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Utah. They base this move on the Madison Act which was on the record for 200 years. These leaders state that “they want to move women out of the 2nd class citizenship.” The question was asked “what will ERA do?” Linda stated that there are laws already in place which cover issues such as equal opportunity and equal pay. With ERA we would have no protection from the military – we would have to serve in a draft. There would be no benefit for family or divorce laws, or same sex marriage. Everything would be co-ed, sex education in schools would be federally controlled, abortions would be federally funded, sports would all be equal, no single sex schools, fraternity/sorority organizations and no social security benefits to a widowed spouse. Women would only collect SS if they had worked. In March1980, the LDS Church produced a pamphlet about the Equal Rights Amendment. They called ERA a “moral issue that we needed to be informed about” stating also that “we want equal rights for women.” That declaration is on the LDS church website To stop ERA, we need to contact our representatives and express our concern and our v! iews. We have a representative form of government and that is the best way to have our voices heard. After Linda Reeves spoke, we had an open forum in which the Hate Crimes Bill, the ERA amendment, School Voucher issue, and correspondence to our representatives were discussed. Delane encouraged us to represent ourselves as members of United Women’s Forum in communication with organizations and our representatives as she has learned that they pay greater attention to organizations than to individuals.

Debra Poulsen stated that she has purchased four DVD’s which address the Hate Crimes issue entitled, “Hate Crime Laws: Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians,” hosted by Tony Perkins and featuring D. James Kennedy, Phd. These DVD’s are available to check out and view in your home.

We were encouraged to

1. Think about the opportunity we have in this free land of America to declare our beliefs and opinions. How much do we value this freedom?
2. Take some time this month to look up the various web sites of the organizations that can help us stay informed and aware of moral issues facing our area and country currently. (Family Research Council, American Family Association, Lighted Candle Society, United Families International…etc.)
3. Be involved some way: Write a letter, talk to family and friends, visit the web sites and respond to an Action Alert. Be willing to share your experience the next time we have a United Women’s Forum meeting. Refreshments were provided by Linda Reeves. Thank you Linda!

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