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United Women's Forum Minutes, Dec. 5, 2007

Kaylma Rohrer welcomed everyone to the home of
Lauralee Christensen for our monthly meeting, held
one week early, due to Christmas.

An opening prayer was offered by Jyl Marsden, fol-
lowed by the Pledge of Alligiance, lead by Kaylma.

Lauralee Christensen introduced us to the "Stay Alive"
program as a possible humanitarian project for our fami-
lies this Christmas. There are 12 million AIDS-orphaned
children in Africa. Stay Alive is a powerful and proven
HIV/AIDS prevention education program developed by
United Families International. It targets children ages
9-14 during the critical window before they are sexually
active. $1.25-$1.50 per child provides teacher education
and curriculum materials. The program has been respon-
sible for a 61-75% drop in teen pregnancies. For more
info, please contact Lauralee at 299-9113.
Susan Duke suggested that we involve our children with
volunteer & humanitarian efforts, relating a "soda" story.

Marva Lyman presented a "call to action" for the month
of December, suggesting that we:
1. Pray for the spirit of repentance to come over the
leaders of our country. Pray that they will stand
for truth, righteousness and liberty.
2. Contact friends and relatives in California and ask
them to write to Gov. Schwarznegger regarding his
signing of SB 777, AB 394, AB 102, and AB14
(Senate and Assembly Bills). These require teachers
to promote homosexuality, transexuality, bisexuality
and cross-dressing as part of public school curric-
ulum. Married names are being awarded to homo-
sexual couples and state funding will be discontinue-
ed for any organization that does not promote these
3. Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
Opponents say this law creates a protected class that
"promotes" homosexuality and negatively affects
traditional family values. 13 states currently have
policies prohibiting sexual orientation & gender iden-
tity discrimination in employment; 7 more on sexual
orientation only. If ENDA passes, it would force the
other 30 states, including Utah to abide by this law.
4. Senate Bill (S 1780) Protecting Children From
Indecent Programming Act would require the FCC
Federal Communications Commission to maintain
current policy, stating that one word or image may
constitute indecent programming.

Debra Poulsen thanked all of the United Women for their
efforts and testified that Jesus Christ is the author of liberty
and the inalienable rights declared in the Constitution.

Laurie Leishman, Marge Clayton's daughter, introduced
Ardeth Kapp.

Ardeth Kapp told us that she felt great power in the room.
She related an experience with a nephew some years ago
The nephew asked, "Aunt Ardy, how many more birth-
days do you have left? He then wrapped his arms around
her and told her he loved her and didn't want her to die.
Ardeth quoted Helaman 5:12, declaring that it is upon
the rock of our Redeemer that we must build our sure
foundation. She declared that "today we're pioneers
on a new and very challenging frontier, but the concern
for protecting our homes and families is no different."
She read a tender, powerful poem by Vaalite Rail, an
early pioneer.
We cut desire into short lengths
And fed it to the hunger fires of courage.
Long after when the flames had died
Molten gold gleamed in the ashes.
We gathered it with bruised palms
And handed it to our children
And our children's children forever.

Sister Kapp admonished us to be careful not to let our
attention stay focused on world problems, while we let
Satan destroy the moral fiber of our home. Don't be
reluctant to take a stand. There is power in unity.

Sister Kapp found widspread diversity some years ago
while in Washington D.C., attending the National
Council of Women. Immediately following the open-
ing prayer, one woman arose from her sea spontane-
ously and made this brief observation that was felt by
everyone present:

"One woman is helpful,
Ten women influential.
One hundred women powerful.
One thousand women invincible."

President Spencer Kimball declared that today, during the
winding-up scenes, a righteous woman's influence can
be ten times more than what it might be in more tranquil
times. As we plan, we need to ask, "What do we want to
accomplish?" before we ask, "What do we want to do?"
We need to be careful not to get distracted. The adversary
would like to keep us busy with "good things", neglecting
the most important things.

Twenty years ago, Sister Kapp was asked to speak
before the National Committee Against Pornography.
Many organizations, media representatives, and legislators
were in attendance, some for and others against pornography.
There were many television cameras. As soon as Sister
Kapp identified herself with the LDS Church, all the
cameras turned off. ["When we know what is right, we must
speak up," Sister Kapp declared to us.
She asked what each
of us would have said, if we had been in her place.]
continued her story. She told the audience at the National
Committee that when she took the oath to become a U.S.
citizen, having been born a Canadian, she promised that she
would support and defend the Constitution against all enemies.
"Today we face the 'psychological enemy' of pornography,
obscenity and indecency, attacking the traditional family.
We stand at the crossroad," she boldly stated.

Sister Kapp admonished us to establish a pattern with three
important actions: 1)observations, 2) concerns, 3) recom-
Some years ago, President Packer told Sister
Kapp, "We need women who are…organized…have
executive ability, who can…teach, speak out…receive
inspiration. Sister Kapp told us she rejoices that we support
other organizations that fight for family moral values.
"We need everybody from every camp," she declared.
"When we build our foundation on Christ, we know what
to do."

Ardeth related a touching personal story. She was a
teaching supervisor at BYU when she visited Miss
Nelson's 2nd grade class. The teacher described a
hypothetical scenario, then asked her students to decide
which neighbor they would like to have living by them.
She talked of two older men, Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones.
"Suppose you passed these men on your way home from
school." Mr. Smith made whistles for the children and knew
the names of all the birds. Mr. Jones, on the other hand, would
throw things at the children as the passed by or shake his cane
at them. "Which man would you like as a neighbor?" the teacher
asked. All the children raised their hands in favor of Mr. Smith,
but way in the back of the classroom, one boy slowly began to
raise his hand. The teacher noticed and said, "Jeff, stand up,"
Jeff stood and shyly expressed that he would like to be neighbors
with Mr. Jones. "If I were neighbors with Mr. Jones," he
continued, " then my mother would make him a pie and he
wouldn't be that way anymore." Sister Kapp said she observed
twenty-two second graders, and one boy, true to his convictions,
who stood alone to make a better way. Another child was heard to
say, "I wish I had said that."

Five qualities were illuminated:
1) The obvious answer is not always right. Dare to stand alone.
Logic and reason may not always be reliable, but the Spirit
always is.
2) Believe in people. You cannot change the whole world, but you
can change one person?
3) Go forth with confidence. When you speak truth, the Spirit will
4) We've got to know Him; not just know about Him
5) President Hinckley said, "There is no power on earth like that of

Sister Kapp asked her former Beehive, Becky Nelson, to come up
and stand with her. Sister Kapp related Becky's experience at
Girl's Camp as best as she could remember it. After the testimony
meeting that was held, Sister Kapp told all the girls, "Before you
go back to your places, go out into the trees by yourself and just
"call home". Two weeks later, in Fast and Testimony meeting,
Becky related that when she went into the trees, she looked up
into the sky and asked, "Heavenly Father", do you know I'm here.
She began to feel warm all over and testified, "I knew He knew
that I was there."
Ardeth told us that, in unity, regardless of age, religion, there is
power in an organized group. "I appreciate the countenance of this
group. I pray that the Lord will bless you individually and collectively."

She told us she loves the story of Elisha the Prophet, related in
II Kings, chapter 6, where the eyes of Elisha's servant are opened,
revealing previously unseen horses and chariots of fire. Elisha,
the Prophet states, "They that be with us are greater than they that
be with them." II Kings 6:16.

Sister Kapp made us all laugh hard when she said, "I have a photo-
graphic memory, but not same-day delivery." She asked us for any
questions we might have.

Evelyn Neville asked about legislation regarding single parents, par-
ticularly divorced mothers. We can be part of the ammunition; we
can love, accept and support. Time Out for Women is a great
resource. Barbra Spuhler said it is like an extension of Women's
Conference. It has gone all over the nation and Canada. Now
they offer Husband and Wife, as well as Mother-Daughter.

Paulette requested, "Tell us who you are." "What do you do in your
spare time?" "Who is your favorite author?" Sister Kapp responded,
"Let me tell you who I'm not." She quoted King Benjamin, saying
that we must watch our thoughts. Satan tries to cause us to despair,
to be discouraged, to feel we are inadequate. We need to feel acceptance
within ourselves.
Sister Kapp sits on the Deseret Book editorial board and after reading
a 300-page manuscript, her scriptures are about all she can get to.
What we read and see does affect how we feel about ourselves.

Some thoughts expressed by Sister Kapp:
In Canada, growing up, we learned that "you harvest what you plant".
We must comply with nature. We couldn't control the weather; we
learned to rely on the Lord. We learned that not all prayers are answered.
Hail came and killed all our turkeys, but that year our wheat crop was
better than normal. Some leadership principles are learned by being
involved at a very young age to be very responsible.

JoAnne Poulsen commented that some missionaries that had not have farm
experience felt that a mission was too hard and got sent home. Ardeth
added that "we had to milk cows in the morning, and before we went
to the dance.

I know from my experience with the Utah North Area Youth Confer-
ences in the summer that allowed 9,000 youth in two years to attend
Youth Conference for $50, that youth today are stronger, smarter. I
have confidence in youth today. Young kids are so strong and com-

Vaalite Rail's poem is quoted in Sister Kapp's book, Miracles in
Pinafores and Blue Jeans. She said has been out of print for fifteen years

Kaylma thanked Sister Ardeth Kapp, on behalf of our entire group. She
noted that Jill Stevens, the current Miss Utah, and September speaker with
UWF, needs our help. The national competition will be aired in four episodes
at 8:00 p.m. on TLC, culminating with the finals on January 26, 2008..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ardeth G. Kapp on December 5th, 2007 at
Lauralee Christensen's at 10:00 a.m.,
"Christ, the author of Liberty ",
1781 South Lorien Drive , Bountiful , Utah

Ardeth G. Kapp- December 5, 2007
Ardeth G. Kapp, Well known LDS author and lecturer, is a native of Glenwood Alberta Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and aMaster’s degree in Curriculum Development from Brigham Young University. For eight years, she served as President of the LDS Church’s Young Women organization ( 1984-92). Ardeth was a member of the LDS Church Curriculum Planning Committee, the Board of the LDS Church Education System, the Board of Directors of the Deseret News Publishing Company, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Utah Youth Village, the Deseret Book Company, and Southern Virginia University.Sister Kapp has had a long career in the field of education. She was anInstructor for the Mountain States Telephone Company, a teacher in theDavis County School District, and a writer and producer for a UtahNetwork for Instructional Television series. At BYU she was anInstructor in the College of Education and coordinator of a studentLeadership program. She chaired the Advisory Committee on Women’sConcerns for two terms, received the Honored Alumni Award from BYU College of Education, and taught at the LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to the University of Utah.Ardeth served with her husband Heber B. Kapp as he presided over the Canada Vancouver Mission from 1992-1995. From 2000-2003, during the time her husband served as President of the Cardston Alberta Temple, she served as matron. She and Brother Kapp currently reside in Bountiful, Utah

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United Women’s Forum Minutes Nov. 14, 2007

Leslie Swartwood welcomed the women to the home of Lauralee Christensen for our monthly meeting.

Opening prayer was offered by Barbara Spuhler followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Leslie invited Debra Poulsen to speak to the group about business items of concern. Debra began by introducing Jill Burton from the Lighted Candle Society. Jill has had a rich background working in the area of communications in Washington DC and in public policy for the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah. She holds degrees in communications and Business Management from the University of Utah. Jill is looking for stories of how pornography has affected people’s lives through broken marriages, disrupted families or troubled teens. She asked for anyone to call her or email stories for various purposes and use with the Lighted Candle Society. Jill can be reached at: or 801-580-4235. Callers may remain anonymous if desired.

Debra introduced Laura Bunker who has worked diligently fighting against the Hate Crimes Bill. Laura spoke briefly about new proposed legislation EDNA – (Employee Non-Discrimination Act) which is attempting to legitimize gay rights thru justification and celebration thereby forcing cultural approval and redefining the institution of marriage. She suggested that we each take the time to read the Bill and visit United Families International website: to get further analysis and information.

Linda Reeves next spoke briefly about four recent bills signed in California by Governor Schwarzenegger. These bills are as follows:

SB 777: Bans in school textbooks and publications and activity any "discriminatory bias against homosexuals, bisexuals or transsexuals. The law prohibits any "instruction" or "activity" that is perceived to "promote discriminatory bias" against "gender", including "cross-dressing, sex changes and bisexuality". It will require that all public school instruction and activities positively portray transexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality to children in classes as young as kindergarten. Those in opposition to the bill say it will prohibit anything that suggests that the natural family--a man and a woman, married with children, is normal or typical. The term, "mother and father", "husband and wife" will be banned because they suggest that heterosexuality is the norm, even though that is manifestly the case, even in California.

AB 394: Requires school training programs to teachers and students against "harassment" through training, publications, postings, and curriculum. It fails to define the word "harassment".

AB 102: Awards married names to unmarried couples. Allows couples to choose surnames upon registration as domestic partners, creating the public image of homosexual marriage in California. (Examples include: "Mr. and Mr. Jones and "Mrs. and Mrs. Smith").

AB 14: Prohibits state funding for any organization that does not support Tran sexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality. (This includes religious-based day care, hospitals, pre-schools, after-school programs, food and housing programs, senior centers, job programs and more.)

Debra gave us our “Call to Action” ideas of what we can do to stand up in our time – this month - to preserve what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our country. She asked each of us to give a timeless Christmas gift to all of our families which would strengthen homes, communities and our nation. She asked that we 1) Write a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger to express our disapproval of his actions regarding his signing of these bills and; 2) Send this request to at least 10 other women (particularly those who live in California) who would also write him a letter and who would then invite 10 others to repeat this. 3) Respond back to United Women’s Forum about how many were contacted so we could tally the count. We would like to see how far we can extend this effort to express ourselves to California’s governor.

Our guest speaker, Stephen Studdert was introduced by Marge Clayton. Steve is a former Special Assistant to three U.S. Presidents: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. He has represented U.S. Presidents in diplomatic assignments to over 100 nations and has had broad and varied experiences throughout the world. He began by telling us that the White House has no front door and asked if we knew why that is so. He told us that it is for protocol because some visitors are very offended if they are received at the wrong door so all the doors are given names so that one door is not more important than another.

Steve remarked about the business items previously mentioned – that they are worthy of our attention and moral issues such as pornography and diverse sexual orientation are destroying our country. There are now about as many women as men involved in pornography. He recommended a very excellent book to read titled “Boys Adrift” by Sax which discusses the influence that pornography is having on teenage boys.

Mr. Studdert spoke of experiences he has had in and out of our country with the American flag. He was pleased that we said the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the meeting and told of a story of the U.S. Chief of Protocol bowing to the Queen of England. “He almost got fired,” he said, “because in the United States, we bow to no man (woman) but to the flag only.” He commented that there is a declining respect for our flag and what it stands for. In Poland there was an event where many old and homemade American flags were displayed. The Polish people were risking arrest by displaying these flags but it was their expression of respect for America.

There are countless forces destroying the family which are very vocal and we are the only nation in the world who claims the right to ‘“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”’ just because we are American citizens.” Steve spoke about the experience of President Reagan establishing the Vatican as a country so that he could appoint an ambassador to carry correspondence to the Polish Pope John Paul II. President Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and the Pope conspired to bring down the Soviet Union and communism as we knew it. In that part of the world it was the rise of a new freedom.

The world now is in a very precarious condition and is unstable. In the Cold War, we knew our enemy. Today the enemy is camouflaged. He talked about many of our enemies and things that we should be concerned about like nuclear weaponry, consumer spending and indebtedness, rogue terror, epidemics such as Bird Flu virus, another depression He stated that the sole duty of the Federal Government is to provide for public defense not to provide for every need of every person. He mentioned that he just sent a book to press for printing titled: “Ten Dangers Facing America.

Steve suggested that we…

• Learn to take care of our own and stop depending on the government to support us in everything
• Stop being a culture of complacency – take action
• Begin at home to get out of debt – “worry about what really matters, not what our homes look like”
• Demand accountability from public officials
• Be anxiously engaged in correct principles with issues relating to family and values
• Know who we are and what we stand for
• Be “always faithful”… Semper Fi - Marine motto

Friday, November 9, 2007


PLEASE JOIN US for November's United Women's Forum

Stephen Studdert, former Senior Advisor to Presidents Reagan, Ford & Bush, Sr.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th at 10:00 a.m. at Lauralee Christensen's home.
1781 South Lorien Drive, Bountiful

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Ardeth G. Kapp- December 5, 2007

Ardeth G. Kapp, Well known LDS author and lecturer, is a native of Glenwood Alberta Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a
Master’s degree in Curriculum Development from Brigham Young University. For eight years, she served as President of the LDS Church’s Young Women organization ( 1984-92). Ardeth was a member of the LDS Church Curriculum Planning Committee, the Board of the LDS Church Education System, the Board of Directors of the Deseret News Publishing Company, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Utah Youth Village, the Deseret Book Company, and Southern Virginia University.

Sister Kapp has had a long career in the field of education. She was an
Instructor for the Mountain States Telephone Company, a teacher in the
Davis County School District, and a writer and producer for a Utah
Network for Instructional Television series. At BYU she was an
Instructor in the College of Education and coordinator of a student
Leadership program. She chaired the Advisory Committee on Women’s
Concerns for two terms, received the Honored Alumni Award from BYU College of Education, and taught at the LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to the University of Utah.

Ardeth served with her husband Heber B. Kapp as he presided over the Canada Vancouver Mission from 1992-1995. From 2000-2003, during the time her husband served as President of the Cardston Alberta Temple, she served as matron. She and Brother Kapp currently reside in Bountiful, Utah.

Stephen M. Studdert- November 14, 2007

Stephen M. Studdert is a corporate executive and former senior White House Advisor to three U.S. Presidents: George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford. He represented U.S. Presidents in diplomatic assignments to over one hundred nations. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, he has been involved in helping developing democracies and in humanitarian efforts in Africa. He was appointed a Federal Home Loan Bank Director in the Clinton Administration and serves as an advisor to the Under Secretary General of the United Nations.
His many civic responsibilities have included service as chair of the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission and Chair of This is the Place Foundation. He chaired the Mormon Pioneer Trail National Historic Advisory Commission, and is actively engaged nationally in parkland preservation and conservation. He presently serves as Chairman of The George Washington Center for Freedom and Understanding.
His church service includes being a Stake President and also a Mission President in the California Carlsbad Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mr. Studdert is a graduate of Brigham Young University, a former elected City Council member, and a past Jaycee President. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Boy Scouts of America, the National Guard Minuteman Award, the People of Vision award, the Utah Farm Bureau’s Friend of Agriculture Award, and the Distinguished Service Medal from the United States Army. He served on the Board of Trustees of Southern Virginia University, from which he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.
He and his wife Bonnie are the parents of six married children and ….. grandchildren.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


United Women’s Forum convened October 10, 2007 for our monthly meeting. Linda Reeves welcomed everyone and expressed appreciation to all those who responded to writing letters of opposition to Oprah Winfrey, regarding a recent show she aired entitled: “237 Reasons to Have Sex.” The TV show promoted pornography and showed NO opposition to this subject. Linda passed out additional envelopes addressed to send to Oprah to express disapproval to airing the show again.
Prayer was offered by Anne Marie Oborne and Jyl Marsden led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Delane England presented “marching orders” for this month which consisted of information regarding the ERA which is finding its way back into the realm of current political dialogue and consideration. She expressed thanks for help with Constitution Day and the Voucher Debate. She reminded us that when we send email to legislators we should put the topic of the letter in the subject line of the email. Delane told us that there are many rights that will be taken from women if ERA were to be passed and women already have every right protected by law that the ERA proposes. If passed, ERA would:
1. Take away Social Security from women not in the work place. Stay at home women would not receive their husband’s SS if he were to die.
2. Women would be required to be on the front lines with men in war. 3. Equal pay for equal work – (already protected) but with insurance constraints, etc., it would lead to legalizing gay marriage.
4. Take away alimony and in some cases child support.

Leslie Swartwood introduced her father, our guest speaker, popular professional pollster, Dan Jones. She told us of his family, his education and profession. Clearly, Dr. Jones has had a broad record of teaching in public schools and higher education. He polls all major and many minor elections and referendums.
We were delighted to hear Dan Jones expound on the wealth of effort and leadership from our founding fathers. He spoke of George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Alexander Hamilton and others who were led to create what we know today as the Constitution.
He told us of letters exchanged by husband and wife, John and Abigail Adams when John was in Europe. Abigail pled with her husband to return to provide the family with food, warmth and companionship. “Haven’t you given enough?” she asked. John responded saying that he was sorry but “…don’t you see what I see and hear what I hear?” He heard the call for a higher cause – separation, independence and freedom. He told her that he would petition his friends to step in and help her and the family.
Dan spoke of our right to vote as a privilege, and also our right to assemble and right to decent. He stated that we should not disagree just to be disagreeable. We need to understand the issues, read all sides of the issue – like Vouchers – and then vote our conscience. He suggested we take 15 issues, write them down and write down all the pros and cons. Then take each candidate’s stand and see where they stand and ask “does this candidate care about me?” We should not vote for social, psychological or pressure to vote reasons. We should vote because it is our right and privilege to do so.
Over the years, the Kennedy/Nixon Presidential election had the highest turnout. At this point in time, Dan “quietly” picked that Gulianni will prevail over Clinton by 1 point in the next presidential election.
The next presidential election is very important. Mr. Jones suggested that we try to become delegates for the county, state and national conventions, learn the platform of each candidate and vote.
“Don’t you hear what I hear?” he said, quoting John Adams. This is the best system – a democracy. We each have to pay a price and participate by determining who shall lead us. He said that “the will of the people is the will of the land. Your vote counts as much as my vote.”


Thursday, October 4, 2007


Popular pollster, Dan Jones is no stranger to Utahns. Born and raised in Idaho, he is currently a Utah resident. He and his wife Pat have seven children. Dan received a Ph.D. degree in Political Science at the University of Utah. He served in both the USNR and US Army.

Currently Dan is a Professor and Lecturer at the University as well as President/CEO of Dan Jones & Associates, Inc. For a term, he was Associate Interim Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. Additionally, he was Professor of Political Science at Utah State University and the University of Utah. Dan served as Director of the Bureau of Government and Opinion Research at Utah State University and was a teacher in Utah public schools.

For decades, Dan Jones & Associates has done political surveys and consulting for most Utah elected officials. He has served on the faculty and many committees at both the University of Utah and Utah State University. Dan has been the recipient of many honors and awards including many “Outstanding Professor” and “Distinguished Teacher” awards at both schools.

Nationally, Dan has received many distinguished honors and awards and has associated with many professional political science professional organizations. He has authored books and articles and is a popular contributor to newpapers and television networks regarding election procedures and voting behavior.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 at 11:00 a.m
(eleven for this meeting ONLY)
DAN JONES, Pollster, (Dan Jones & Associates: decades of political surveys published in Utah's newspapers), Popular Speaker & Lecturer, Doctor of Political Science, U of U Professor, AND
our own board member, Leslie Swartwood's father!
1781 E. Lorien Drive, Bountiful
(Turn into Stone Ridge at the waterfall on Bountiful Boulevard. Take an immediate left; take the next left onto Lorien. Pink house straight ahead. )

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School Voucher Debate

A standing room only crowd enjoyed a Voucher Debate which was sponsored by the United Women’s Forum on September 20, 2007 at the Bountiful City Public Library, Bountiful, Utah. An opening prayer was offered by Robyn Bagley and Janet Seamons led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. After a warm welcome, Debra gave a brief introduction of the UWF explaining that United Women’s Forum is a faith based women’s board who are interested in current events and ways to make a difference in families, the community and the world.

Debra Poulsen, co-chair of UWF, introduced guests: Lauralee Christensen, who served as moderator, Joel Briscoe and Leah Barker who debated Referendum 1.Moderator Lauralee Christensen has resided with her family in Bountiful for 12 years. She was chosen as “2001 Utah Woman Making a Difference.” She has chaired several committees including the “Stay Alive” program which is helping challenged children in Africa. At the onset of the debate, she used C.S. Lewis admonition to “argue like Christians.”

Leah Barker, who lives with her family in Sandy Utah, represented Children First Utah, on the pro-voucher side. She is previously from Puerto Rico and feels like “the quality of one’s education serves as a life line and determines the lives we lead.” Leah has had 10 years of first hand experience living in low income areas and working with children in poverty. She has worked tirelessly trying to solve education problems and has seen personally the tragedy of people who are trapped in a bad learning environment, who drop out or get no higher education. Leah is a professor at the University of Utah.Joel Brisco, a Bountiful native and popular teacher of History at Bountiful High School for many years, represented opposition to Referendum 1. Joel resides with his family in Salt Lake City. His children attend public and charter school. He is active in the Democratic Party and teachers unions having served on the UEA Board of Directors and as President of the SLC School Board.

Lauralee Christensen outlined the format for the debate after stating “Governor Huntsman signed this bill in February, 2007 after it was narrowly affirmed in the legislature. Because of the close vote, the school vouchers bill was placed on the ballot by Governor Huntsman for the public to vote on in this November election and it is the most comprehensive Voucher Bill in the US at the present time.” Each side had 5 minutes to present their position and 3 minutes for clarification after which there would be a Question/Answer period from questions submitted by the public prior to the meeting. After that, there would be an opportunity for audience questions. A wide range of concerns were represented in the questions. Both Leah and Joel were passionate about their positions on vouchers and clearly showed their own views.

Joel addressed three issues in most of his responses: affordability, accountability and affability. He answered questions using these three measurements. His concerns throughout the debate focused primarily on private enterprise improperly trying to make money off of education for personal gain, discrimination against the poor because of costs, misuse of school funds, and finding acceptable teachers. “Even though money is still given to the public schools when a student leaves, over the long run public schools will loose money.”Leah’s answers focused on the position that 1.Vouchers are FOR public schools in ways such as smaller classrooms, continued flow of money into the public system and teacher competition. 2. Vouchers are FOR all parents (rich or poor) – giving them the opportunity to choose what is best for their own children. She said that “private schools help with over-crowding problems in the public schools and turn parents into customers who can place their children in academic settings that work for them. Do we trust parents or accept a random assignment to zip codes?”

Lauralee posed several questions to Leah and Joel addressing the different stakeholders with vouchers and how they would impact: students, parents and families, public and private schools and society in general. They both answered with dignity and consideration for the other. They were passionate, articulate and well informed in their responses and took very opposite points of view.

In closing, Joel stated that “...he would defend to his death your right to take a child where you want but I do no not want my tax dollars funding your child’s education. School vouchers have no accountability. We won’t know if they are working unless they have measurements to see if they are helping. It doesn’t help Utah families.”

Leah stated that “Money is not the issue. This Referendum is a principle of liberty and the most important vote of our time. We have agreed that every child needs to be educated. We have not agreed that they have to have a public education. Parents need to have a choice of what works for them and have options rather than feeling trapped. Students improve when they find a program that suits them.” The Voucher debate was very educational and informative. Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated in a very enjoyable evening.

Thursday, September 20, 2007







Thursday, September 13, 2007



School Vouchers
To be voted on in the November election.

Congress is attempting to reauthorize the SCHIP, children’s health insurance program, to increase taxes on cigarettes to fund it. The 1997 SCHIP program authorized $40 billion over 10 years. The House bill would expand this program and cost over $200 billion over the next 10 years. In 2002 the President's Administration issued a regulation that defined a "child" as being from conception to 18 years of age, a regulation that is known as the "unborn child rule." This regulation allowed States the option of covering the health care of the unborn child and has the benefit of covering the pregnant woman's health care as well. Unfortunately, pro-abortion forces oppose any reference to unborn children, and as they did during the battle over the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, they prefer instead to refer to "pregnant women." The new House bill changes the SCHIP program to cover health insurance for a "pregnant woman," rather than cover the child in the womb. This would undermine the "unborn child rule" and could possibly allow funding for abortions in those States that include abortion as part of their Medicaid health coverage for pregnant women. Also, Medicaid has allowed States the flexibility to exclude controversial procedures like abortion or sterilization from the taxpayer funded program. The House bill contains language that actually forces States to cover "family planning" services as part of their Medicaid programs, which could be a huge financial boon to Planned Parenthood. To add insult to injury, the bill contains a provision to gut the Title V abstinence-only education program. .
HR 3162 Hate Crimes Bill (Defense Appropriations Act)
This bill would make hate crimes (a crime in which the victim is intentionally selected based on his or her race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.) a federal offense and it would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes in the U.S. criminal code (Title 18). This amendment violates both the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution by attempting to regulate speech, religious expression, and equal protection under the law for all citizens.
We don’t need a new law to combat hate crimes! Almost all 50 states have their own laws to fully prosecute such acts. The amendment is expected to come up for a vote sometime in the next few days. We need your help to stop Ted Kennedy’s sneaky maneuver to insert such a controversial and problematic piece of legislation into the DOD Authorization! Call your Senators today!
(202) 224-5251

(202) 224-5444

Constitution Day
September 17th


In May of 2005, Congress enacted a law stating that “Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17th of such year for the students served by the educational institution. This applies to “Educational institutions” includes but is not limited to “local educational agencies” & “institutions of higher education” receiving Federal funding. It requires that Constitution Day be held on September 17th of each year, commemorating the September 17, 1787 signing of the Constitution. Schools throughout America will celebrate our nations commitment to freedom at the annual Constitution and Citizenship Day Celebration on Monday, September 18, 2006. This celebration commemorates the day in 1787 that the Constitutional Convention adjourned from its long months of deliberation at the State House in Philadelphia (now Independence Hall), after having completed the arduous and historic task of writing the United States Constitution, the oldest and most revered constitution in the world.

We would like to contact each school in Davis County and see if they would like any help with materials or teaching the constitution in the classrooms or with any activities. If you are interested in help, please sign on the on the sign up sheet and I will contact you regarding which school.

Thank you,

Dalane England
801-298-5319 home
801-330-0303 cell


United Women’s Forum convened September 12, 2007, at the home of Lauralee Christensen. Linda Reeves welcomed everyone and invited Rosemarie Schumutz to give an opening prayer, followed by Janet Seamons leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Linda opened the meeting with a quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley which invited all women to “…. Stand tall and be strong… and be a force for good in the world…” and she encouraged all of us follow that council. She announced that UWF will sponsor a Voucher debate on Thursday, September 20, at 6:30 pm, at the Bountiful City Library. Everyone is invited to attend to learn about the upcoming Voucher Referendum. She also announced that pollster Dan Jones, will be our guest speaker on October 10, at an adjusted time of 11:00 am instead of 10:00 am.
The Steering Committee was introduced and invited to comment on their role on the committee.
Delane England presented this month’s “marching orders” and gave us some information about upcoming issues.
1. The first item is S-chip bill which is a health care plan for children covering all kids. It is supported by cigarette tax. Over the last 10 years this bill has already cost $40 billion dollars and would cost $200 billion dollars over the next 10 years. This health care plan ultimately takes responsibility away from parents and gives it to the government. It also provides for an “unborn child rule” giving coverage to pregnant women and eventually the natural consequence of a National Health Care program – covering unborn children, all children, pregnant women, and senior citizens and eventually men would not be left out. “Liberals do not like the “unborn child rule” because the term “unborn child” gives credence to a viable fetus – therefore complicating abortion laws.” S-chip has already passed in the House and is in the Senate. Delane urged calling our Senators and any other Senators to oppose this bill. When calling, we should state that we belong to the United Women’s Forum because Senators are more inclined to pay attention to a group than to an individual.
2. “Hate Crimes bill” sounds good because no one likes the idea of hurting anyone or committing a crime against another. Every law that is covered in the Hate Crimes bill is already covered by the Constitution. The Hate Crimes bill gives rights to one person over another person and extends the law to being punished for one’s thoughts and not just actions. In other words, the law would be extended to judge intent such as bias toward race, gender, homosexuals, etc. This bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate. We were encouraged to contact leaders.
3. In 2005, Congress passed a bill called “National Constitution Day”. The designated day for this is September 17, which is a Sunday so it will be observed on Monday, September 18th. On this day, all schools are required to teach the constitution in the schools to students. Delane asked our support to contact schools to make sure that they are aware of this observance and offer to help with free materials for every grade level, videos/DVDs and booklets. One Utah man is funding these materials and we can help in distribution wherever needed. They need volunteers to help with calling schools, emailing and distributing. Delane offered her help in pushing this forward. September 18th is just a week away and the needs are immediate.
Debra Poulsen introduced the theme for today “The Spirit of America” and also our speaker, Jill Stevens. She started out by recalling the shared grief of all Americans at the great tragedy of 9/11 and the aftermath of a united country who proudly flew flags and proclaimed freedom. She reminded us of the millions of candles, symbolically lit to show light, love and concern for the vicious attacks on our freedom. Debra showed us a beautiful painting by Ann Marie Oborn of a woman and her daughter (Ann Marie and her own daughter) lighting their candles. Ann Marie donated the use of that painting to the UWF for our use in our cause and efforts to preserve our rights and freedoms in defense of our country.
Next, Debra welcomed Jill Stevens, the current Miss Utah 2007, and stated that Jill is a person with “light” in her countenance. She has been an honor student and Suma Cum Laude graduate in the nursing program at SUU, a marathon runner, and a Combat Medic with the Utah National Guard in Afghanistan.
Jill Stevens began by giving us a taste of a soldier’s life showing slides and sharing her multi-faceted life in active duty. She entered the military in a Combat Medic/Aviation unit in March 2001. She enjoyed the challenges and educational benefits to serve and give back to this country. Jill had rescue missions in Black Hawks and Shinooks in the combat zone amid rocket attacks, worked in the Aid Station administering IVs and medications, had duty in ICU units taking care of locals and kids, and helped in operating rooms with surgery. She experienced finding safety in bunkers during rocket attacks and target practice on the shooting range. Jill stated that “we all need to have a goal or a target in life – not just on the shooting range. No matter what our course, we need to make the best of our situation and make life better for those around us.”
While in Afghanistan, Jill tried to brighten everyone’s life, painting rocks into pumpkins and making a “Thankful Tree” for everyone to add leaves of things that they were thankful for. She tried to make a home away from home. She helped and befriended local children – particularly those in need. She was proud to be an American woman and proud to be a soldier.
Jill noted that there is a lot of good going on in the fight for freedom. “We are giving a future to others as we wave the flag of freedom,” she stated. She admonished us to “take a stand and make a difference, to carry America forth and fight for freedom, family and faith.” Jill ended by singing a beautiful song written for her by her mother, called My Tapestry.”
Holly Jordan gave the benediction.
Refreshments were served.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Jill Stevens
Short Biography

For the past 6 years, Jill Stevens has been serving in the US Military as a Combat Medic in the Utah National Guard, while earning her degree in Nursing at Southern Utah University. In November 2003, Jill was deployed to Afghanistan, returning home in April 2005. She has earned 5 medals for her outstanding service, and was the first female finisher of the inaugural Afghanistan Marathon, making a total of 10 marathons she has completed together with earning the highest Fitness award during Army Basic Training. In representing the Army National Guard, Sergeant Stevens recently addressed Generals from 40 different nations gathered at Hill Air Force Base.
In addition to her US Military service, Jill recently graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Nursing program at Southern Utah University on a four-year leadership scholarship. Last summer, she placed 3rd in the Cinco De Mayo Sailboat Regatta in Mexico, and this summer, Jill was chosen one of four women for the “Women of Strength” featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine September/October 2007 issue. Additionally, Jill has been a fitness instructor for Gold’s Gym for several years, as well as a bread baker for Great Harvest. Possibly one of the most unusual adventures for Jill though, has been her unexpected experience in becoming Miss Utah 2007, and looking forward to her national competition in the Miss America Pageant in January 2008.

Friday, August 24, 2007



"The Spirit of America"

Sgt.Jill Stevens (Miss Utah) will talk about her year in Afghanistan as a combat medic with the U.S. Army Medical Corps

Wednesday, September 12th at 10:00 a.m. Lauralee Christensen's home

1781 Lorien Drive (just East of Bountiful Boulevard and just North of 1800 South; turn East on Stone Ridge Drive (waterfall); take an immediate left onto Ridge Point Drive; take first left onto Lorien Drive. Lauralee's is the 2nd house on the left.)

Please bring several friends! (Please forward this message to them)


Don't forget to go to our website
for updates, "marching orders", minutes & photos of our meetings

EXCITING FALL LINEUP: October--Dan Jones, Pollster (Dan Jones & Associates); November--Stephen Studdert, Special Ass't to Ronald Reagan; December--Ardeth Capp, former General Young Women's Pres. (LDS Church)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Left to Right: Celestia, Dalane, Elizabeth Harmer Dionne, Marge, Debra, JoAnn, Linda

Elizabeth Harmer Dionne from the "Legacy Law Foundation" shared insights and experiences with the United Women's Forum Steering Committee August 20, 2007. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your expertise with us!

Thursday, August 9, 2007



United Womens Forum

August 8, 2007

Debra Poulsen welcomed guests to the UWF at the home of Linda Reeves on August 8, 2007. Lauralee Christensen gave an opening prayer and Barbara Derricott led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guest speaker Doug Holmes, Chairman of Choice in Education, was introduced and he was accompanied by his assistant, Spencer Hinckley. Doug has lived around the country and for the past 7 years has resided in Farmington, Utah. He is the father of six children. He has worked in the telecommunication industry in his professional life and in his discretionary time he has looked for ways to make a significant difference in the community. “Good causes make society better,” he stated. He has seen and felt that modern trends in education need positive reform commenting that “…education is a root issue to civility, morality and prosperity in society.” Doug has worked extensively with the legislature to make positive changes in education laws that affect our children. He has studied education reform and acknowledges that performance does not happen because of more spending per student, teachers accreditation or class size. It happens because of parent interest and involvement, education in household, traditional families, and poverty rates.

Doug taught us about how the Voucher program works. Essentially, he said that the Voucher issue is “state rights vs. parent rights” and that public school advocates feel that the school system is responsible for kids – not their parents. “Vouchers” he said, “empower parents and they (Vouchers) are tool, not a magic cure.” He said that Vouchers would:
• Increase public funding
• reduce class size
• increase teachers pay
• Invest in new technology
• Involve parents
• Allow struggling students to find a school that is a better fit

Taxpayers will spend more than $7500 per student next year in public schools. The average Voucher is less than $2000. That means that every child that uses a Voucher will save the public school system more than $5500. Local schools will have more money, and also fewer students. Funding per student goes up, while class sizes go down. The Voucher Bill provides for the next five years that $7500 per student will still go into the public school budget. Over 13 years, that will give more than 1 billion dollars to public schools. Where that billion dollars goes is decided by local school districts. They are free to spend it where they choose. They can spend it on more administrators, teachers salaries, classroom materials or whatever they choose. It behooves us to know who we are voting for on our School Boards because they will be the ones to decide how our money is spent.

Those eligible for Vouchers:
• All public school children
• All children not yet of kindergarten age
• Children currently attending private school
• Children being home schooled (if they qualify as low income)

Voucher Amounts:
• Amount is scaled on household size and income
• Highest scholarship amount (for lowest income) is $3,000 and lowest amount is $500.00.

Parent Responsibility:
• Parents submit application to the state office of education, verifying sized and income.
• Student is awarded a Voucher
• Voucher payments are made in four equal payments during the school year. Checks are sent to the private school where the parent must restrictively endorse it to the school for tuition payment
• Parents pay the remainder of tuition to private school

Voucher programs already exist in many states. Studies of these programs have all shown that Vouchers help all kids.
• Funding for students in public schools goes up, allowing class size to go down
• Students who use Vouchers are most likely to be low income children who struggle in public school
• Academic performance goes up for students who use Vouchers, and for students who choose their local school

For more information about Vouchers contact:

Next, Pricilla Johnson related her personal experience with private school and her 16 year old daughter. Pricilla spoke of her 3rd grade daughter who had struggled in public school. She was very shy and was always in large classes of 32-35 students. Her grades dropped and she did not do well at all. In 6th grade, Pricilla found the Children First Utah organization which helps provide ½ tuition scholarships for needy families. Thru that organization, Pricilla was able to find a private school to help her daughter. She started out with tuition prices of $3500 which eventually became $5000, and then $8000 and Children First Utah helped her out. The size of her daughter’s classes now is 20-22 and she is having great success as a 16 year old. She is college bound and hoping to one day attend medical school at Johns Hopkins. For anyone desiring to speak to Pricilla, you can reach her at: 801-392-1705.

Questions to Doug:
Who will be left in public schools?
Answer: Usually those who leave public schools are the ones struggling. Kids move because the public system isn’t working for them. They need something different. Everyone else will stay.

Are Charter Schools public schools?
Answer: Yes. Students are picked by a lottery system.

Why aren’t teachers in favor of Vouchers?
Answer: They are often bombarded by misinformation from teachers unions who have other agendas. They are not educated from both sides of the issue.

How can WE make a difference?
Answer: We are the underdogs. The public needs to be education on the issues of Vouchers. There is strength in numbers and right now there the teachers unions are able to pass out literature in mass amounts at the schools, in PTA meetings and other venues.
• We need to educate our families and friends and get everyone to the polls to VOTE in November.
• Be a voice to the legislature. A written letter is more valuable than email
• Pay attention to who we elect to local school boards.
• One source in Davis County is: Randy Smith is the source of this site and he provides current information about local spending in schools.
• Note that the NEA and PTA advocate moral issues such as: same sex marriage, gay rights, abortion, etc. and they contribute to organizations like Planned Parenthood. They have a larger agenda than just school Vouchers. NEA and PTA do not want Vouchers. They will loose support and funding for their agendas when parents choose something other than the public school system.

Where do we get the money to provide scholarships?
Answer: It is privately donated from individual and corporate donors.

In conclusion, Doug stated that: “When Vouchers start working, kids get a better education and it costs less. Government wants to take over the role of parents by giving the schools more rights with students. Vouchers empower parents to make choices for their children.”

Delane England commented briefly about the S chip Bill and the current attempt to re-authorize the old bill. This is a children’s Health Insurance program which is funded by cigarette taxes. The unintended consequences of this Bill are that when taxes from cigarettes run out, other sources will be taxed to fund children’s health care. This Bill would turn over health care of our children to the government. No longer would churches and charities receive tax breaks for this but there would be more welfare. Parents would loose control of their children’s health care. Cost of the Bill would be over 300 billion dollars over 10 years to fund. Some of this money would also be funneled to organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Next meeting and kickoff for the year is scheduled for September 12, 2007, at 10:00 am. Further announcements will follow.

Submitted: Marge Clayton

Friday, August 3, 2007


Our Dear United Women's Forum Friends--Letting you know about our next monthly meeting. Those that were able to attend our July meeting requested a special meeting to explain the SCHOOL VOUCHERS: What is this legislation that we will vote on in November? Bring your friends.
Please Join Us
for the
United Women's Forum

We will host a special speaker from Children First Utah

She will explain the SCHOOL VOUCHER legislation
slated to be on the ballot in November

Wednesday, August 8th
10:00 a.m. at Linda Reeves

1903 East Ridge Hollow Drive

Thursday, July 12, 2007


United Women’s Forum convened at 10:00 a.m. on July 11, 2007 at the home of Linda Reeves. Debra Poulsen opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. There were about 20 women in attendance. She noted that “we are women who love America and love God.” She gave a thought to ponder about “What is truth?” “What is going on in this land which God has given us?” We need to seek for “truth.” Opening prayer was offered by Janet Seamons and then Debra introduced Dalane England as the guest speaker.

Dalane’s topic was titled “The Power of Declaration.” She began with an object lesson dropping a pen to the floor and asked “why did the pen fall?” Of course the answer was “because of gravity.” She then said “we don’t have to believe in the principle of gravity but still the pen will fall. Just because someone says it does not make it so but there is truth that will always be truth and we need to seek for truth.” Dalane stated that throughout the ages declarations have been made by prophets and even Jesus Christ declaring who exactly they were and what they were about. She quoted a scripture which stated about “the word having a more powerful effect than the sword” – that we should “try the virtue of the power of the word…” Churches have made official declaration such as “The Proclamation on the Family – a Declaration to the World.” Founding fathers set forth the foundation of a new nation in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, forever changing the complexion of the world in establishing a free land and breaking ties with England. “Each of us has a mission which is our very own, designed specifically for us as individuals. It is our sole purpose for us to fulfill that mission,” Delane said. She asked us to ask ourselves how we can fill our missions better, serve God better, and be of better value in preserving what we have. As we make a positive difference, others around us are lifted as well. To illustrate this point she gave the analogy of water boiling at 211 degrees Fahrenheit and then by adding just one degree to become 212 degrees, water becomes steam and creates greater energy and power. Likewise, when we join forces of truth, we become stronger and more powerful. Delane asked us to each read and ponder the United Women’s Forum Declaration to know exactly what this organization stands for. Then, she suggested, we should become educated in the political process and decide how we can make a difference. She said that “true heroines are those in the trenches” and this group is in the trenches, trying to preserve truth and freedom that God and our Founding Fathers established for this nation and for our own personal missions. Ron Zellar was a man 78 years old. He decided to run a 100 mile race but knew that it would be very difficult for him so he set a goal to run only 25 of the 100 miles. When he finally gave out, he had run 75 miles. His wife pushed him in the back and chided him to get going and finish the race which he courageously did – all 100 miles in good time. Ron attributed his successful run to the fact that he declared he would do it and had the faith to do it. “The Power of Declaration works,” stated Delane. It is a principle of action, a principle faith in God and a principle of faith and trust in self.

Linda Reeves spoke briefly about this organization’s website which is: and encouraged us to keep up with news and happenings at that interactive site. Having a blog gives us an opportunity to respond and ask questions about issues we are working on now and how to act to support truth. She noted that our organization suggests reading sites such as: AFA, FRC, UFI and Lighted Candle. We can donate money, time, write letters, sign petitions and get contact links information for our legislators and others. Next, Linda spoke about ERA. She stated that in the ‘70s, the ERA was not ratified. This past spring, Congresswoman Maloney and Senator Ted Kennedy proposed this bill again using the same exact wording as the previous bill. There are 3 states which did not support ERA in the ‘70s but 15 states are being targeted. Among them are: Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Utah. They base this move on the Madison Act which was on the record for 200 years. These leaders state that “they want to move women out of the 2nd class citizenship.” The question was asked “what will ERA do?” Linda stated that there are laws already in place which cover issues such as equal opportunity and equal pay. With ERA we would have no protection from the military – we would have to serve in a draft. There would be no benefit for family or divorce laws, or same sex marriage. Everything would be co-ed, sex education in schools would be federally controlled, abortions would be federally funded, sports would all be equal, no single sex schools, fraternity/sorority organizations and no social security benefits to a widowed spouse. Women would only collect SS if they had worked. In March1980, the LDS Church produced a pamphlet about the Equal Rights Amendment. They called ERA a “moral issue that we needed to be informed about” stating also that “we want equal rights for women.” That declaration is on the LDS church website To stop ERA, we need to contact our representatives and express our concern and our v! iews. We have a representative form of government and that is the best way to have our voices heard. After Linda Reeves spoke, we had an open forum in which the Hate Crimes Bill, the ERA amendment, School Voucher issue, and correspondence to our representatives were discussed. Delane encouraged us to represent ourselves as members of United Women’s Forum in communication with organizations and our representatives as she has learned that they pay greater attention to organizations than to individuals.

Debra Poulsen stated that she has purchased four DVD’s which address the Hate Crimes issue entitled, “Hate Crime Laws: Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians,” hosted by Tony Perkins and featuring D. James Kennedy, Phd. These DVD’s are available to check out and view in your home.

We were encouraged to

1. Think about the opportunity we have in this free land of America to declare our beliefs and opinions. How much do we value this freedom?
2. Take some time this month to look up the various web sites of the organizations that can help us stay informed and aware of moral issues facing our area and country currently. (Family Research Council, American Family Association, Lighted Candle Society, United Families International…etc.)
3. Be involved some way: Write a letter, talk to family and friends, visit the web sites and respond to an Action Alert. Be willing to share your experience the next time we have a United Women’s Forum meeting. Refreshments were provided by Linda Reeves. Thank you Linda!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Dear Friends~ Please come
Wednesday, July 11th at 10:00 a.m.
at Linda Reeves
1903 East Ridge Hollow Drive, Bountiful

Speaker: Dalane England
"The Power of Declaration"

Dalane has recently hosted several K-TALK radio programs
(AM 630) and is very knowledgeable on current issues.

We will have an Open Forum Discussion on "Stop the Equal Rights Amendment and The Hate Crime Bill."
Please come and discuss your concerns.

Bring a friend or two!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.

We love you women! Thank you again for your support!
Debra, Marge, Celestia, Kaylma, Lauralee,
Marva, Leslie, Dalane and Linda

Monday, June 18, 2007


Dear friends of United Women's Forum,
In regards to the Hate Crime bill now under consideration in the Senate. The newspaper said today that Senator Hatch and Senator Bennett are possible swing voters - meaning they could go the other way. I also realized that now the bill is called "S 1105 (instead of HR 1592) - The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007" It apparently receives a new number in the Senate. I am learning along with all of you. Just to keep you updated. It will need your urgent attention. Call your senators and leave them with your opinions.

Debra Poulsen

Friday, June 15, 2007


United Women's Forum met together on June 13, 2007 to discuss current issues. UWF is a Christian based organization which was formed by Davis County women who are striving to protect the traditional family and freedoms of expression. Their mission statement reads: "United Women's Forum strives to motivate and encourage women of faith to unite and stand together in supporting and defending moral government.""How Can I Make a Difference?" was to topic of this meeting. Lauralee Christensen, voted 2001 Utah Woman Making a Difference, gave several suggestions that women can use to make a difference in the world. "Sincerely pray and ask in faith, expecting God to help you know where and how you are needed," Lauralee said and "reach out to people of faith everywhere. There is strength in numbers." Lauralee spoke about her association with the United Families International organization, which educates through social science research, moral issues such as sexual orientation, cohabitation vs. marriage, pornography, etc. and the force for good that UFI has been in the world through the United Nations. She told of a plaque on the very top of the Washington Monument, the highest structure in Washington DC, which reads: "Praise be to God," symbolizing that God is the very highest source of all that this country represents.Kris Kimball spoke of her recent experience with the Lighted Candle Society which is an organization designed to actively fight the brutality of pornography. She stated that this organization is seeking support for legislation and community awareness to fight this addictive behavior that is running rampant over the internet and the media and encouraged UWF to get involved with Lighted Candle Society to fight this fight.Because the Equal Rights Amendment has returned to the national spotlight, Delane England educated us briefly about the affect ERA legislation would have on our world today. "It is exactly the same (word for word) amendment that failed to pass congress in 1971," Delane stated. A new amendment would change rights of states to have constitutional laws on issues such as divorce, marriage and the military, lawful same sex marriage, draft men and women equally, create federal funding for abortion, enforce Title 9, coed sports, and coed scouts, sororities/fraternities, liberalize sex education in the schools including alternative lifestyle and change social security benefits.Lastly, Debra Poulsen, co-chair of UWF, suggested that we begin to take action against another current issue as well. This bill will soon be up for a vote in the Senate as the "Hate Crime Law." She stated that "HR 1592 legislation, interpreted by the courts, would give more federal protection to crimes committed against homosexuals than crimes committed against other citizens. Liberal courts by-pass words and legislation and interpret to stop freedom of speech with churches, talk programs and other groups or organizations, which they want to squash."Debra suggested that we: 1. sign up to receive email updates from: Family Research Council, Lighted Candle Society and United Families International; 2. educate ourselves; 3, share what we learn with others; 4. forge ahead - one step at a time. Short discussion and questions followed Debra's remarks and it was noted that we should be aware of companies who promote any of these negative issues and boycott them when necessary. Money talks.Meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month at 10 am. Location will be determined and announced.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Dear Friends of United Women's Forum,
We want to say thanks to all of the women who attended our meeting this morning at the home of Lauralee Christensen. She gave a wonderful presentation on using our individual power to make a difference in the world. We appreciated her thoughts and all that she has done to help in our country and in her efforts in "United Families International". Watch for a brief synopsis of our meeting with some fun pictures to see! Almost like being there! They will be popping up in your inbox soon!!
Just to make another strong push! The Hate Crime Bill HR 1592 needs our immediate attention!!! Some of you asked for the video clip of Tony Perkins the President of "Family Research Council" I'm passing it on. Please take a minute to read the material below and watch the video attachment as well. As we unite together we can make a difference and we hope you will add your voice to the voice of many others so we can have an impact in this issue. Please contact your State Senators!! They will be voting on it soon. Whatever influence you have with family or friends would also be of help. This bill is on the verge of being passed. It has already passed in the House and is now going to the Senate. Again, this is an urgent matter!!! Thank you so much for responding to this. We hope you are all well and having a good summer so far.


Debra Poulsen, Linda Reeves and our Steering Committee ( Lauralee Christensen, Dalane England, Celestia Himstreet, Kaylma Rohrer, Marge Clayton, Leslie Swartwood and Marva Lyman