Thursday, October 11, 2007


United Women’s Forum convened October 10, 2007 for our monthly meeting. Linda Reeves welcomed everyone and expressed appreciation to all those who responded to writing letters of opposition to Oprah Winfrey, regarding a recent show she aired entitled: “237 Reasons to Have Sex.” The TV show promoted pornography and showed NO opposition to this subject. Linda passed out additional envelopes addressed to send to Oprah to express disapproval to airing the show again.
Prayer was offered by Anne Marie Oborne and Jyl Marsden led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Delane England presented “marching orders” for this month which consisted of information regarding the ERA which is finding its way back into the realm of current political dialogue and consideration. She expressed thanks for help with Constitution Day and the Voucher Debate. She reminded us that when we send email to legislators we should put the topic of the letter in the subject line of the email. Delane told us that there are many rights that will be taken from women if ERA were to be passed and women already have every right protected by law that the ERA proposes. If passed, ERA would:
1. Take away Social Security from women not in the work place. Stay at home women would not receive their husband’s SS if he were to die.
2. Women would be required to be on the front lines with men in war. 3. Equal pay for equal work – (already protected) but with insurance constraints, etc., it would lead to legalizing gay marriage.
4. Take away alimony and in some cases child support.

Leslie Swartwood introduced her father, our guest speaker, popular professional pollster, Dan Jones. She told us of his family, his education and profession. Clearly, Dr. Jones has had a broad record of teaching in public schools and higher education. He polls all major and many minor elections and referendums.
We were delighted to hear Dan Jones expound on the wealth of effort and leadership from our founding fathers. He spoke of George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Alexander Hamilton and others who were led to create what we know today as the Constitution.
He told us of letters exchanged by husband and wife, John and Abigail Adams when John was in Europe. Abigail pled with her husband to return to provide the family with food, warmth and companionship. “Haven’t you given enough?” she asked. John responded saying that he was sorry but “…don’t you see what I see and hear what I hear?” He heard the call for a higher cause – separation, independence and freedom. He told her that he would petition his friends to step in and help her and the family.
Dan spoke of our right to vote as a privilege, and also our right to assemble and right to decent. He stated that we should not disagree just to be disagreeable. We need to understand the issues, read all sides of the issue – like Vouchers – and then vote our conscience. He suggested we take 15 issues, write them down and write down all the pros and cons. Then take each candidate’s stand and see where they stand and ask “does this candidate care about me?” We should not vote for social, psychological or pressure to vote reasons. We should vote because it is our right and privilege to do so.
Over the years, the Kennedy/Nixon Presidential election had the highest turnout. At this point in time, Dan “quietly” picked that Gulianni will prevail over Clinton by 1 point in the next presidential election.
The next presidential election is very important. Mr. Jones suggested that we try to become delegates for the county, state and national conventions, learn the platform of each candidate and vote.
“Don’t you hear what I hear?” he said, quoting John Adams. This is the best system – a democracy. We each have to pay a price and participate by determining who shall lead us. He said that “the will of the people is the will of the land. Your vote counts as much as my vote.”

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