Monday, November 16, 2009

MINUTES - November 2009

UWF General Meeting

Conducting: Kris Kimball welcomed all on this Veteran’s Day

Prayer: Celestia Himstreet

Pledge of Allegiance: Kris Kimball

Announcements by Kris Kimball:
• Thanks to Kaylma Rohrer, who has had to step down as Treasurer of UWF
• Introduced Jyl Marsden, new UWF Treasurer
• Nov. 12 Meet US Senate candidate Cherilyn Eager, 6-9 pm, Joy Luck Restaurant in Bountiful, (buy your own food)
• Nov. 13 ‘Freedom Rally’ at State Capitol, 10 am to Noon, training to be a state delegate
• Nov. 18 (Wednesday) Interim Legislative Session, 12:30-1:30 ‘Joe the Plumber’ as guest speaker
• Nov. 19 Candidate Cherilyn Eager and guest ‘Joe the Plumber’, 7:30-9:30 again at Joy Luck Restaurant, Bountiful

Call to Action: Marge Clayton
Mentioned recent passage of Health Care Bill in the US House of Representatives to remind us to be informed and to take time to let your views be known to your Senators about this important legislation. This is not the time to be apathetic!

Special Guest: Anthony Yama, from Mnyenzeni, Kenya --- Koins for Kenya Board of Directors
Mr. Yama expressed thanks to the forum for allowing him to take a few minutes. He thanked us for being members of a women’s forum, which would not be common in his country of Kenya; indeed, many women have no voice at all in political events. He is the father of 3 children; he said it is difficult to raise children in Africa, for many reasons: as an example, 60% die before the age of 6 and 50% of women die in childbirth. Even clean water is rare and daily life is difficult for the majority of people. The hardships of their ailing economy is helped by US aid.
Mr. Yama is a schoolteacher and principal of a village school. He volunteers for Koins for Kenya, a non-profit organization that builds schools in rural Kenya. He has seen first-hand the results of their efforts in helping to build schools where educational aid is desperately needed. The village shares in the responsibility for 10% of the cost of a school and also provides many of the materials and much of the manpower. Kris Kimball hopes we can be aware of this organization and then perhaps individuals will want to contribute. She and her daughter recently returned from a Koins for Kenya trip and would like to help raise money for a school. The amount needed would be about $10,000.

Guest Speaker: Gayle Ruzicka, President of the Utah Eagle Forum
Gayle was introduced by Dalane England as a woman who has been involved in Eagle Forum for 35 years and president for 20 years! She praised her as being articulate and courageous in standing for conservative principles. She also said she has a wonderful, supportive husband and is the mother of 12 outstanding children.

Gayle’s subject was the 21st Principle from The 5000 Year Leap: that “Strong Local Self-Government is the Keystone to Preserving Human Freedom”. She quoted Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, who was one who espoused the importance of the states retaining their right to govern.
This is an important principle that Gayle Ruzicka works at and sees first-hand with her many years of experience with our Utah’s legislature. It is at the local and state government level that we can make changes, make a difference and see results. She noted that state law truly affects citizens directly and quickly. She explained also that the Utah Eagle Forum consists of volunteer citizen lobbyists, who along with any citizens have voices that can influence legislators. She said that aside from face to face contact, that telephoning a legislator may be the best way, texting them is good, and emails are good too. However, emails from their constituents carry the most weight. She also recommended to us that in contacting them regarding a bill that we should always reference the name of the bill and not just the number.
The remainder of the time she discussed local issues, primarily the passing by Salt Lake City just the day before of a new housing and employment discrimination ordinance; this is aimed at anti-gay discrimination.

Luncheon provided by: Janet Seamons, Ali Bell, Debra Poulsen, & Kris Kimball.

NEXT UWF Meeting: January 13, 2010 at the Bella Vida Clubhouse

Monday, October 26, 2009

MINUTES – October 14, 2009

CONDUCTING: Debra Poulsen

PRAYER: Dalane England

PLEDGE: Evelyn Neville

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Debra Poulsen reminded those present of the weekly Constitution classes held on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm at the American Legion Building in Bountiful. She said they are excellent!

Dalane England encouraged us to be aware, educated and active in our communities, especially with upcoming elections. She cited a couple of recent issues in Bountiful and said she has a more detailed list if anyone wants to contact her.

PRINCIPLE of FREEDOM: Jyl Marsden presented Principle #22 from The 5000 Year Leap on a free people being governed by law and not the whims of men. Without law, our rights are not secure and we are actually less free because we are not protected. She also shared the fact that she was a little hesitant about reading this book, but since doing so, she loves it. She said because it was out in their home, even her 17-year-old son picked it up and read it! Thank you for the great endorsement, Jyl.

GUEST SPEAKER: Nancy Peterson introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Alexander Dushku. He is a graduate of the BYU Law School and has been a partner in the Salt Lake City law firm of Kirton & McConkie since 1996. In 2007, he and former Solicitor General Kenneth W. Starr coauthored a brief to the California Supreme Court in the Marriage Cases on behalf of major faith groups. The brief demonstrated the importance of traditional marriage and its vital role in society.

Mr. Dushku very eloquently expanded on the topic of law in a democratic society. He began by reminding us that even our great country will have ups and downs, but that it is always essential for people to keep ‘fighting for what is right. He commended the United Women’s Forum for being one on those “small groups that are the underpinnings of democracy.”

He talked about the meaning of law and said that the ‘rule of law’ exists to resolve conflicts. He said that one of his main points today would be for us to know that the law is not made or enforced by God or machines but by men and women like us. That is why it is so vital that we help elect good, moral representatives in government.

He told us the history of the gay marriage issue in California from its earliest beginnings to the most recent Proposition 8 results in the last election. He told of the series of progressive rights extended in that state that has been one of the things that led to the current ‘conflict’ there. As noted in his introduction, he has been to the California Supreme Court on this issue.

He taught us of the different kinds of laws and who those are that end up interpreting and administering laws that are made. He emphasized once again that “we cannot escape the rule of man on this earth.” He brought us full circle to his opening point about the importance of good, moral people working to elect good, moral and righteous leaders. He also said “there is no escape from the hard work of democracy.” Be open, educated and involved!

SALADS & ROLLS were provided by Janet Seamons and Julie Hattabaugh.

NEXT MEETING: November 14, 2009 at the Bella Vida Clubhouse at 10:00 a.m. Our guest speaker will be Gayle Ruzicka, President of the Utah Eagle Forum.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MINUTES - September 9, 2009

Conducting: Kris Kimball

Prayer: Jyl Marsden

Pledge: Kris Kimball

Announcements: Freedom’s Light Foundation presents A Celebration of the Constitution September 17, @ Northridge High School 7:00pm. September 18th and 19th @ Bountiful City Park from 10:00-10:00PM. Great event to attend with the whole family and it’s free. Thanks to Dalane England and all her work in putting this together this year.

Constitution Classes are still available on Tuesday Evenings at the American Legion Hall at 52 W. 200 S. in Bountiful. Classes presented through the Thomas Jefferson Center.

Don’t forget to vote this coming Tuesday September 15th. Jennifer Brown and her husband are attending the Freedom Rally in Washington D.C. this weekend. 9-12 Rally will be up at the State Capitol from 10:00-2:00PM on September 12th.

Principle of Freedom: Our Vice President Diane Prince presented the 18th Principle from the 5,000 Year Leap.

Guest Speaker: Jeff Allen gave a great lesson through Key Word Analysis on the 18th Principle which is: The unalienable rights of the people are most likely to be preserved if the principles of government are set forth in a written Constitution” We learned that a weakness of the Anglo-Saxon Common Law was that it was not written down. The tradition of written constitutions in modern times is entirely of American origin. Something else we can be proud of as Americans!

Salads were provided by; Marge Clayton and Celestia Himstreet

Next Meeting:

October 14th at 10:00am at the Bella Vida Clubhouse in North Salt Lake. Our guest speaker will be Alexander Dushku Attorney and authority on Constitutional Law. We will be studying the 22 Principle; A Free People should be governed by law and not by the whims of men.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We invite you join us at our FIRST fundraiser event! Featuring guest speakers Congressman Jason Chaffetz
and Bob Lonsberry, this casual attire dinner event will be a night you don't want to miss! Join us Friday,
June 5th at the Butterfield Park Pavilion in Herriman, Utah beginning at 7 p.m. Click
here for the location.

Please RSVP today and let us know you will be here to support Freedom and The Patrick Henry Caucus!

Are you unable to attend? You can still show your support by making your donation today!

The Patrick Henry Caucus is dedicated to the ideals established by our Founding Fathers as enshrined in the
Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. The Caucus believes the Constitution is an inspired
document and should be adhered to strictly, as the Founders intended.
For more information, please visit

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


United Women’s Forum Minutes

May 13, 2009 - Bella Vida Clubhouse, North Salt Lake, Utah.

Our new president, Kris Kimball welcomed us and outlined the format of today’s meeting. She thanked the Bella Vida people for allowing us the use of their beautiful facility. She recognized our hostess, Annette for preparing things for us. An opening prayer was offered by Barbra Spuhler and we were led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Jyl Marsden.

Given the current political climate, Vicki Harbertson presented the timely Principle of Freedom to us. It is Principle #19 from Cleon Skousen’s book, “The 5000 Year Leap”. The subject is “Only Limited and Carefully Defined Powers should be Delegated to Government, all Others Being Retained in the People.” She said that the limiting power of the federal government was one of the most hotly contested issues among the founding fathers. The writers of the Constitution carefully crafted the writing of it to protect the rights of states and the rights of citizens. The adversary of these protected rights has always been the love of power by an individual or groups of individuals. Thankfully, these writers of our Constitution included an elaborate system of checks and balances; however, as citizens we must watch closely those who would try to destroy these protections.

Dalane England then presented a couple of announcements. Her first was her idea of starting a “Constitution Day” to be held in Bountiful on or around September 17th, which was the day the U.S. Constitution was signed. This is a mandated subject of instruction in the public schools, but is often given insufficient attention. Her concept is to have a community ‘festival’ patterned after the successful Colonial Days held in the summer in Provo, Utah. She would want to include people from our forum and the surrounding community as a whole, as well as the youth from the local schools, first-person dramatizations, costumes, speakers, etc. She is looking for interest level and volunteers right now. She also has a quote from President Brigham Young, second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the first Governor of Utah which is still timely concerning our stewardship over the earth that we live on. She has a few copies available and will email it to anyone who is interested in reading it.

Laura Bunker of United Families International gave some brief comments about a local issue. She made us aware again of an experience at a public hearing in Bountiful some months ago concerning an alcohol variance for a restaurant. A group of citizens were treated with inappropriate disrespect by city leaders as they raised their voice of opposition on this variance; it was later made known that the granting of this variance was a “deal behind closed doors”. In any case, there is a high level of interest among many citizens for a change in public officials. There are already two candidates, Jeff Novak and Phil Wright. She encouraged members of our forum to be actively involved in being involved in this in any way that they can give support. She made us aware of a public meeting to be held the evening of June 18 at the Bountiful Library for any citizens of this city.

Kris Kimball made two quick announcements before beginning the DVD presentation. First, she made us aware of a news conference at noon on Wednesday, May 20 at the Capitol building in conjunction with the Patrick Henry Caucus (States’ Rights). Secondly, she referenced something to watch for this October—a film called “Not Evil, Just Wrong” based on scientific evidence of climate change. This was a good lead-in to the DVD of a speech presented by Dr. John R. Christy, a climatologist from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. This talk contained his scientific evidence of normal cyclical climate change which is an attempt to challenge the current “gloom & doom” frenzy of so-called ‘Global Warming’ that is dominating the media right now. He began by offering a quote that says, ‘Some people will do anything to save the earth, except take a science course!’ He continued by pointing out that we simply cannot change climate and that many things we see occurring are consistent with the variations seen in world climate patterns when followed for extended periods of time. He posed the question then, ‘Why is climate alarmism succeeding?’ He then answered that it is the politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities and others with economic agendas that are using this hysteria to their advantage. His talk showed interesting climatic scientific evidence to oppose the idea of “global warming”; in addition, he showed much evidence of the importance of energy growth on improved quality of life, improved health, and longevity of life. He strongly supports proper stewardship of the earth and its resources. It was a valuable viewpoint to be exposed to for all of those in attendance.

Our next Forum Meeting will be September 9th at 10:00-12:00PM at Bella Vida in North Salt Lake. The next Interim Session up at The Capitol is June 17th, put that on your calendars so you can come up and watch. Have a great summer and we’ll see you in the fall. Be sure to visit and become a fan of our Forum on Facebook. It’s a great way to stay informed with important events that happen during the summer.


Eileen Gardner

Becky Nelson

Kris Kimball

Saturday, April 18, 2009

United Women’s Forum

2 Year Birthday Celebration

April 8th, 2009

On April 8, 2009, the United Women’s Forum celebrated its second birthday with a special General Meeting hosted at the Bella Vida Clubhouse, thanks to Steven Smoot, in North Salt Lake. Our out-going President, Debra Poulsen conducted the meeting. The prayer was offered by Diane Bachman, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by Susie Heaton.

Debra Poulsen gave some remarks concerning the evolvement of the organization. She said that our logo of many different hands captured the essence of our organization as we bring women together to reach out in service. She reminded us of our organization’s 3-fold mission:

  • To educate, motivate, and inspire
  • To strengthen family, faith, and freedom
  • To study the principles of our divinely inspired Founding Fathers—who did not invent these principles, but rather who loved and lived them

She said it is especially important in an increasingly Godless, secular world that people of faith need to stand firm in defending their values. She expressed gratitude for what she, and hopefully many of us, have learned and have pushed ourselves to become involved in. She also hopes that we can continue to support these precious and enduring principles.

Debra invited steering committee members to come forward and then thanked them for their service in their different responsibilities. She presented each woman with a small gift. She said that a healthy organization can and should move forward with new leadership; this will bring new enthusiasm, ideas, and creativity. She formally introduced our new president, Kris Kimball. Debra promised continued support and full confidence in Kris!

Kris Kimball then thanked Debra for her amazing contribution to this organization; indeed Debra’s initiative in seeing the need for a women’s forum as a new resident of Utah two years ago and being behind its original formation. Kris then introduced the new Steering Committee, which will be comprised of the following women:

Vice President Issues & Education: Diane Prince

Vice-President Speakers & Membership: Nancy Peterson

Secretary: Jennifer Bertin

Treasurer: Kaylma Rohrer

Publicist: Janet Seamons

Membership: Becky Nelson

Blog Assistant: Marge Clayton

Advisors: Laura Bunker, Dalane England and Debra Poulsen

Kris noted that as women, we are inherently drawn to the preservation of life and that when women are educated about and are armed with true principles, they can move forward in positive ways. She presented Debra with a beautiful basket of many different growing plants, which she said can represent the diversity of women in our organization.

Debra Poulsen introduced our host and special guest speaker, Mr. Steven Smoot. He is the president and founder of the Family First Foundation, which has helped address family policy in worldwide efforts. He is also the owner and manager of Eaglewood Development here in Utah. Mr. Smoot is the Executive Producer of the documentary that we viewed later called “Demographic Winter—the decline of the human family”.

He gave some brief remarks to preface the film by discussing declining birthrates in many countries throughout the world and the enormous effect that will have on their futures. He stressed how important it is to educate and inform people and governments on the need to view children as a blessing, and not a burden. He says that many view children as more “carbon footprints” to spoil the world. He citied a few examples of countries (that will be citied in the documentary) who have ignored their ‘human capital’; this in turn has led to serious economic and social decline. It is the hope of him and all those who have contributed to and collaborated on this film that they can educate many and hopefully stop these alarming and serious trends.

We viewed the film “Demographic Winter – the decline of the human family”.

Following that was a delicious lunch for all, provided by Linda Hess, salad; Ali Bell, salad; Paulette Bierwolf, salad; and Celestia Himstreet, rolls.

All attending could participate in a silent auction of items generously donated to benefit the United Women’s Forum. These included:

  • Seth Thomas Clock by Janet Seamons
  • Hampton Inn Hotel (coupon for one-night downtown SLC) by Kris Kimball
  • Kathy Van Zeeland purse by Kris Kimball
  • Mary Kay Gift Basket by Kris Kimball
  • Hand-made Note Cards (4 sets) by Nancy Peterson
  • Dinner coupons for Olive Garden by Debra Poulsen
  • 1-hour Massage Coupon by Debra Poulsen
  • Book, “The Divine Truth” by author Diane Prince
  • Book, “What Men & Women Ought to Know about Each Other, by author Diane Prince
  • Oil Painting by artist Anne Marie Oborn

There were also copies of the book, “The 5000 Year Leap” and the DVD of “Demographic Winter” available for purchase. A portion of those funds will also go to the forum.

Our next general meeting, the final one until September, will be held on May 13, 2009.

Prayer: Marcie Alley

Pledge: Jyl Marsden

Friday, March 20, 2009

MINUTES - March 11, 2009

Marge Clayton welcomed members of the forum at the Bountiful City Library at 10:15 am. the invocation was given by Marva Lyman and the pledge of Allegiance was led by Laurie Cutler.

Marge expressed gratitude for all of those attending and who have attended and are interested in a focus on the founding principles of our Constitution. Especially, in the troubled times we are living in, she said it is important to step up and take a stand on important matters. She referred to the book, "The 5000 Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen, from which we take our Principles of Freedom that are presented at our forum meetings. This book can greatly enhance our understanding of our country's founding principles and is available to anyone who does not yet have a copy.

The Principle of Freedom for this month was taught by Becky Nelson. The subject was "The Highest Level of Prosperity Occurs when there is a Free-market Economy and a Minimum of Government regulations." She began by reading us the 'Dedication' page at the front of the book which reminded us of our great Founding Fathers and the inspired Constitution they wrote. Today's principle deals with the creation of our free-market economy, its history and its contribution to the early prosperity of our country, in part due to a "minimum of governments regulations. She mentioned the 4 laws of Economic Freedom: to try, to buy, to sell, to fail. Then, in relating this principle to today's meeting topic, she taught us that one area of legitimate responsibility which belongs to government includes efforts to prevent "debauchery of the culteral standards and moral fiber of society by commercial exploitation of vice" which includes the distribution of pornography ---clearly a threat we are facing in our country today.

Marge Clayton thanked Becky and then asked us to think, 'What do I do now regarding this principle and how can I make a difference?' She also recognized a visitor, Fred Behrmann, whose specialty includes treating addiction with EFT. His pamphlets were available on the table for anyone interested.

Debra Poulsen gave us a report on the Legislature, shich is still in session. She also expressed appreciation for our inspired Founding Fathers. She then expressed enthusiastic and genuine thanks to many women of the forum who have become educated about and active in our state's legislative process. She is excited to see more women participating---some stepping out of their 'comfort zone'! She applauds women who have taken the initiative to get involved whether they attended meetings, testified to committees, wrote emails or called their Legislators. By raise of hand, many in attendance have been active in this cause! She specifically thanked Laura Bunker, Daland England and our President-elect Kris Kimball. It has made a difference for our forum to be recognized as a group who has had influence on pro0family issues. Some of the bills mentioned were: HB90, HB114, HB222, HB 353, HB 337, SB 187. You can visit the website: for details on these and other bills.

Diane Prince introduced our guest speaker, Mark Chamberlain, PhD. He is a Salt Lake City-based clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of sexual addiction. He is in private practice and the author of several books, including "Confronting Pornography."

Dr. Chamberlain began by telling of a very early introduction to the world of psychology. As a young boy he was part of a study by the well-known Victor B. Cline, PhD, that was looking at TV viewing and desensitization to violence, excitment, etc. He told us that his current work is primarily with individaul clients. He reference John Harmer and his work with the terrible effects of and addiction of pronography; he agrees with Mr. Harmer's views that the commercial exploitation of pornographic materials is one of the greatest threats to individuals and to our society as a whole. Dr. Chamberlain says people may have the view that his work is depressing; on the contrary he sees many of his clients enjoy a good outcome and being "freed" from this addiction of pornography.

Pornography is a huge problem in our society; from an economic standpoint, its income annually is over $80 billion, surpassing revenues of all professional sports and related businesses. Concerning the nature of the problem, he sited sudied done using rhesus monkeys that translate into comparable behavior in humans. Sexuality as a motivator is very strong; even stronger in males. Dr. Chamberlain also explained the role of emotions in those seeking pornography. Very stron human emotions including depression, anger, grustration, anxiety have been shown to be linked to compulsive behavior, such as involvement with pornography. Of course, expression of strong emotions in humans is natural in important, but must be redirected and not suppressed. He said often, if a person cannot talk it out, then sometimes they act it out in a less desirable way. He cited anonymous experiences and situations people he has treated to illustrate many of these points.

There were questions from the forum members throughout his remarks which he tried to answer. Many are concerned about family members, expecially children and grandchildren, and their exposure to this medium. Dr. Chamberlain encouraged us to pay attention to what our kids are doing on the computer and watch for changes in their behavior. Some behavioral changes he said to watch for include: DETACHMENT, MOODINESS, BEING IMPATIENT, BEING RECLUSIVE OR OVERLY JUDGEMENTAL. In addressing some of the concerns expressed, he said of great importance is an open communicative family environment. Young people who can talk to their parents, be involved in service, or who have a good spiritual support group, etc. can all help with prevention of pornography addiction.

Most importantly, he urged us to become educated and take time to warn and teach your family about pornography and what to do about it if they mistakenly come across it - before it happens to them.

To hear Dr. Chamberlain's complete talk you can click on the audio link here on our blog.

March 11, 2009 Forum Meeting with Dr. Mark Chamberlain

Click to download Dr. Mark Chamberlian's Forum Meeting Audio.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Next Meeting March 11, 2009

United Women's Forum


March 2, 2009 Volume 14

MESSAGE FROM DEBRA POULSEN: I have had some “time out” with my computer because it has been down for a few weeks and so that is why you haven’t received a Newsletter for awhile. I’ve also experienced some “down time” with sickness and other concerns in my life. But as I have thought about the words: “time out” and “down time”, I have realized that it’s all ok. Especially in these times we really need to keep a healthy outlook about our circumstances and our experiences. If any of you have had some challenges that has slowed you down or necessitated some “time out, or down time”, I hope you will keep smiling and hang in there. Everything’s really ok.

On morning wings how active springs the mind

That leaves the load of yesterday behind!

…..Alexander Pope

Next United Women's Forum Meeting will be April 8th! Come to our Birthday Celebration; our Forum is 2 years old!

10:00am-12:00pm at the Bella Vida Club House in North Salt Lake off of Eaglewood Dr.

You will have the opportunity to view a Demographic Winter produced by Steve Smoot, participate in a Silent Auction and enjoy a light lunch complete with Birthday Cake. We will be honoring past Board Members as well as introduce new Board Members for the 2009-2010 year.

Seating is limited so RSVP to Kris Kimball @ 801-299-9597 to reserve your spot

Friday, February 13, 2009

UWF Minutes 2-11-2009

Minutes February 11, 2009

Diane Prince welcomed the Forum at the Bountiful City Library at 10:15 am. Invocation was offered by Janet Seamons and Allie Bell led the Pledge of Allegiance.

This month’s Principle of Freedom was taught by Joan Heslop. The subject was “A Constitution Should be Structured to Protect the People from the Human Frailties of their Leaders.” Joan stated that “People in positions of trust must remain beyond reproach.” We were taught by our founders that leaders must have integrity and honesty rather than self interest and self advancement. The Constitution was designed to the control human frailties of our leaders.

President Debra Poulsen gave brief comments regarding the roles leaders. “Leaders” she stated, “need to be changed for good and fresh representation.” Deb announced our new President ElectKris Kimball who will take over UWF responsibilities at our April Forum meeting. The April meeting will be held at the Bella Vida Clubhouse in Eaglewood, North Salt Lake. Our host and speaker at the April birthday celebration will be Steve Smoot and we will view a short movie called Demographic Winner. Deb also invited all to attend a press conference at the Utah State Capitol today at 1:00 pm regarding the “Common Values Initiative” which is an initiative to maintain family values and traditional marriage in our state.

Kris Kimball invited us to each send pictures to Glen Beck if we agree with 7 of his 9 principles that she was passing around on a clipboard. The pictures will be shown on the Glen Beck show on Fox at the end of the month and it is designed to be like a petition of support for conservative values.

Southerland Institute just announced and kicked off their “Sacred Ground Initiative” which was designed to strengthen the traditional family.

Linda Hess told us about two new House Bills (160 and 267) involving inheritance taxes, housing and employment and invited us to attend any committee meetings or sessions that we could while the legislature is in session.

Linda Bunker introduced our guest speaker Jeff Novak, President CEAG Utah (Coalition for Ethics and Accountability in Government).

Jeff began his remarks telling us that “we are sovereign individuals with rights granted by God. We have certain things in common to protect and support each other from our enemies. We started out as a confederacy but when there were too many of us, the Confederate form of government was not sufficient and we then moved to a Constitution instead where individuals would participate (invest) in laws that would be difficult to change. For protection of the laws and the people, we formed the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch of government.”

Our founding fathers were concerned that we have virtuous leaders and they established 4 Pillars of Conduct which were the essence of character.

The 4 Pillars are:

1) Private Virtue (personal moral code); applying morality to daily governance.

2) Public Virtue (desire for the good of others); personal values are transferred to sacrifice for the good of all; foster success of others; philanthropy.

3) Classical Education (broad thought regarding concepts, principles and philosophies); requirement to learn languages.

4) Auxiliary Forms of Government (separation of powers, written constitution); elections; Electoral College). The Founders wanted the constitution to be structured to be a protection against the human frailties of greed, power and temptations of leaders.

“We have protections to help us guard against corruption in government” noted Jeff. “They are: Impeachment, right to vote and getting involved in the political process.” Jeff said that “we are the power behind government and the failure in our leaders lies in our own frailties to engage. We have to shift our paradigm from the notion that people exist because of government to: government exists because of people.”

Jeff’s organization CEAG is set up to encourage ethics in government. “We all have the right to be heard and to be treated properly.” There are several bills before the legislature now promoting ethics in government. To manage this properly, Jeff encouraged appointments to an ethics commission from each branch of government.

A light lunch was served and the meeting was adjourned till March11, 2009.

UWF Meeting 2-11-2009 Speaker: Jeff Novak

Monday, February 2, 2009


February Forum Meeting

February 11, 2009

Bountiful Library: 10:15

Guest Speaker/ Jeff Novak

Principle of Freedom: A Constitution Should be Structured to Permanently Protect the People from the Human Frailties of their Rulers

Sunday, February 1, 2009

United Women's Forum Meeting 1-14-2009 Speakers: Representative Becky Edwards & Senator Dan Liljenquist

Minutes from the United Women's Forum
January 14, 2009

Welcome: Debra Poulsen
Nancy Peterson
Pledge of Allegiance: Cecilee Price Huish
A Principle of Freedom:
Diane Bachman
"To Protect Man's Rights, God has Revealed Principles of
Divine Law"
Diane spoke of our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness from the
Declaration of Independence and how traditionally
these rights have been seen as sacred. Thus the importance of
protecting them. Down through the ages, history has proven that a
nation with higher morals enjoys more freedom. Maintaining a high
moral standard as a people plays an important role in protecting our
freedoms, but how can that be done? Freedoms can be lost when
government takes on more power over the people. An excellent
presentation on this subject was given by Dr. Robert George at
Young University
on October 28. His topic was "The Moral Purposes of
Law and Government ." Diane stressed that our rights can be taken
away when government fails to protect them. Government derives their
power from the consent of the governed.

Laura Bunker of United Families Utah encouraged us to compare the
internet sites of united and She gave
an excellent presentation entitled "When Gay Rights and Religious
Liberties Clash" and encouraged us to study the difference and become
educated in what is really at the heart of our differences, and what
is at stake if we do not let our voices be heard in protecting our
Dalane England rallied us to get involved and encouraged each of us to
spend at least a half a day a week at the State Legislative Session.
It only lasts for six weeks and our voices need to be heard. There is
a special training session on "How to be an Effective Lobbyist" with
guest speaker Gayle Ruzicka on Wednesday, January 21st at 10:00 am at
the Utah State Capital in Multi-Purpose Room Room #130. This is an
invitation to get involved and let our voices be heard. They will
train us and help us feel comfortable to do so.
Kris Kimball encouraged us to boycott all Pepsi Products as they are
supporting the Gay Rights agenda . We are doing this not to ask them
to oppose gay rights, but to stay neutral.

Special Guest: Becky Edwards, Utah House District 20
Rep. Edwards was happy to be with us and said that it was invigorating
to see people come together advocating things that they believe in.
She quoted
Thomas Jefferson as saying, "Every difference of opinion,
does not necessarily mean a difference of principles."
As she has thought about all of the laws of society, she has found
that they actually fall under the two greatest laws given by Jesus
Christ when questioned by the Saducees and the Pharisees . These laws
were to love God and to love our fellow men. Any group or law that
infringes on these laws is doomed for failure.
She shared two stories with us that illustrate the importance of these
laws. The first was of a trip that she took with her parents and
family on the Trans Siberian Railroad. On this trip they crossed
through nine time zones as well as through
Estonia, Russia and
Helsinki, Finland. She was amazed at what she saw as they crossed
this great span of country and governments. Estonia had only been
under communist reign for 50 years, and Russia, of course has been
under that reign for much longer. Helsinki, Finland has never been a
part of Communist Russia. The comparison of what they found in those
countries was amazing in the spirit of the people and the villages and
cities that they passed through. It demonstrated so vividly that
where there is an absence in the belief and love of God, there is a
stark difference in the spirit of hope and freedom and love in the
The second story occurred with her parents who were serving a
humanitarian mission in
Romania. The only directions they were given
as they arrived were to "Help the People". It soon became very
apparent of how greatly that was needed. What was a vivid reality was
of the great needs of the disabled. They were basically outlawed in
this country and had no rights. They were to stay unheard and unseen.
Through the great compassion and determination of the Price's they
were able to help this group of people. They even organized a
Special Olympics" which is an almost impossible task, but with divine
intervention and the rallying of many good people this took place and
blessed the lives of countless people, including those of special
needs as well as the citizens of Romania that came to their aid in
volunteering. It was an excellent example of loving our fellow men
and becoming strong advocates wherever we are and however we can.
Special Guest: Dan Liljenquist, Utah Senate District 23
One of Sen. Liljenquist's favorite quotes is of
Teddy Roosevelt, "Do
what you can with what you have, where you are."
He spoke of Divine Law and Neurosis in Government. Personal morality
is a foundation of freedom. In the book "The 5000 Year Leap" it
states that government built on personal morality cannot ignore the
consequences of the breakdown of these principles. Divine Law is
truth. It does not change for it is.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
"Truth is the treasure of all men." In our government today, things
have become left verses right instead of right verses wrong.
In comparing divine law and neurosis in government Sen. Liljenquist
quoted Carl Young who said, "Neurosis is always a substitute of
legitimate suffering."
M. Scott Peck in his book, "The Road Less
Traveled" said that there are four things that when not done send a
person into a neurosis. They are:
l. when someone can't delay immediate gratification
2. When one cannot accept responsibility for one's actions
3. when one cannot see reality for what it is
4. when one becomes unbalanced

We are experiencing a neurosis in our government and there are many
example of this from the economic downfall that we have just
experienced in the immediate self gratification of bailing ourselves
out of debt to our nation not seeing something for what it is in the
problems and solutions we are facing with our national healthcare.
We have become an unbalanced nation. Sen. Liljenquist sited the
example of the
Governor of Illinois and his lack of private morality
that has become the norm among many of those governing and who have
governed in that state, as well as
President Clinton and his private
actions while serving as President. There has become no clear line
between the private actions and the public actions of these men and
those like them. They have no private morality.
He quoted Winston Churchill who said, "Truth is incontrovertible.
Malice may attack and may deride it , but in the end there it is. "
Sen. Liljenquist said that it is imperative that we keep a dedication
to reality at all costs in government. Truth doesn't change from
election to election. We must keep neurosis out of government.

Thank you to the wonderful and motivating addresses of these two great
public leaders!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Next UWF Meeting January 14, 2009 10:15 a.m.


Here we are facing another year of adventure. We will be greeting a new President of the United States. We have new representatives to meet and work with at the State level. Some of our local leaders will be replaced this year and civic life will continue forward with or without our involvement. As the United Women's Forum has tried to fulfill our mission over the last two years we hope one message has come through loud and clear: You are needed!! Our voices are needed, our input is valuable and our efforts can make a big difference. Please come and join with us as we learn together and encourage one another in our civic responsibilities. We look forward to joining with you again as we greet this new year of 2009.

THIS WEEK'S NEWS: January Forum Meeting Wednesday - January 14th - 10:15am - Bountiful Library

Special Guests

Dan Liljenquist


Becky Edwards

Our newly elected Senator and Representative

Principle of Discussion

To Protect Man's rights God has revealed certain principles of Divine Law

Looking Ahead:

Gayle Ruzika

Teaching Lobbying Skills

January 21st at the State Capital

(more details to follow at our meeting)