Monday, October 26, 2009

MINUTES – October 14, 2009

CONDUCTING: Debra Poulsen

PRAYER: Dalane England

PLEDGE: Evelyn Neville

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Debra Poulsen reminded those present of the weekly Constitution classes held on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm at the American Legion Building in Bountiful. She said they are excellent!

Dalane England encouraged us to be aware, educated and active in our communities, especially with upcoming elections. She cited a couple of recent issues in Bountiful and said she has a more detailed list if anyone wants to contact her.

PRINCIPLE of FREEDOM: Jyl Marsden presented Principle #22 from The 5000 Year Leap on a free people being governed by law and not the whims of men. Without law, our rights are not secure and we are actually less free because we are not protected. She also shared the fact that she was a little hesitant about reading this book, but since doing so, she loves it. She said because it was out in their home, even her 17-year-old son picked it up and read it! Thank you for the great endorsement, Jyl.

GUEST SPEAKER: Nancy Peterson introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Alexander Dushku. He is a graduate of the BYU Law School and has been a partner in the Salt Lake City law firm of Kirton & McConkie since 1996. In 2007, he and former Solicitor General Kenneth W. Starr coauthored a brief to the California Supreme Court in the Marriage Cases on behalf of major faith groups. The brief demonstrated the importance of traditional marriage and its vital role in society.

Mr. Dushku very eloquently expanded on the topic of law in a democratic society. He began by reminding us that even our great country will have ups and downs, but that it is always essential for people to keep ‘fighting for what is right. He commended the United Women’s Forum for being one on those “small groups that are the underpinnings of democracy.”

He talked about the meaning of law and said that the ‘rule of law’ exists to resolve conflicts. He said that one of his main points today would be for us to know that the law is not made or enforced by God or machines but by men and women like us. That is why it is so vital that we help elect good, moral representatives in government.

He told us the history of the gay marriage issue in California from its earliest beginnings to the most recent Proposition 8 results in the last election. He told of the series of progressive rights extended in that state that has been one of the things that led to the current ‘conflict’ there. As noted in his introduction, he has been to the California Supreme Court on this issue.

He taught us of the different kinds of laws and who those are that end up interpreting and administering laws that are made. He emphasized once again that “we cannot escape the rule of man on this earth.” He brought us full circle to his opening point about the importance of good, moral people working to elect good, moral and righteous leaders. He also said “there is no escape from the hard work of democracy.” Be open, educated and involved!

SALADS & ROLLS were provided by Janet Seamons and Julie Hattabaugh.

NEXT MEETING: November 14, 2009 at the Bella Vida Clubhouse at 10:00 a.m. Our guest speaker will be Gayle Ruzicka, President of the Utah Eagle Forum.

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