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United Women's Forum Meeting 1-14-2009 Speakers: Representative Becky Edwards & Senator Dan Liljenquist

Minutes from the United Women's Forum
January 14, 2009

Welcome: Debra Poulsen
Nancy Peterson
Pledge of Allegiance: Cecilee Price Huish
A Principle of Freedom:
Diane Bachman
"To Protect Man's Rights, God has Revealed Principles of
Divine Law"
Diane spoke of our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness from the
Declaration of Independence and how traditionally
these rights have been seen as sacred. Thus the importance of
protecting them. Down through the ages, history has proven that a
nation with higher morals enjoys more freedom. Maintaining a high
moral standard as a people plays an important role in protecting our
freedoms, but how can that be done? Freedoms can be lost when
government takes on more power over the people. An excellent
presentation on this subject was given by Dr. Robert George at
Young University
on October 28. His topic was "The Moral Purposes of
Law and Government ." Diane stressed that our rights can be taken
away when government fails to protect them. Government derives their
power from the consent of the governed.

Laura Bunker of United Families Utah encouraged us to compare the
internet sites of united and She gave
an excellent presentation entitled "When Gay Rights and Religious
Liberties Clash" and encouraged us to study the difference and become
educated in what is really at the heart of our differences, and what
is at stake if we do not let our voices be heard in protecting our
Dalane England rallied us to get involved and encouraged each of us to
spend at least a half a day a week at the State Legislative Session.
It only lasts for six weeks and our voices need to be heard. There is
a special training session on "How to be an Effective Lobbyist" with
guest speaker Gayle Ruzicka on Wednesday, January 21st at 10:00 am at
the Utah State Capital in Multi-Purpose Room Room #130. This is an
invitation to get involved and let our voices be heard. They will
train us and help us feel comfortable to do so.
Kris Kimball encouraged us to boycott all Pepsi Products as they are
supporting the Gay Rights agenda . We are doing this not to ask them
to oppose gay rights, but to stay neutral.

Special Guest: Becky Edwards, Utah House District 20
Rep. Edwards was happy to be with us and said that it was invigorating
to see people come together advocating things that they believe in.
She quoted
Thomas Jefferson as saying, "Every difference of opinion,
does not necessarily mean a difference of principles."
As she has thought about all of the laws of society, she has found
that they actually fall under the two greatest laws given by Jesus
Christ when questioned by the Saducees and the Pharisees . These laws
were to love God and to love our fellow men. Any group or law that
infringes on these laws is doomed for failure.
She shared two stories with us that illustrate the importance of these
laws. The first was of a trip that she took with her parents and
family on the Trans Siberian Railroad. On this trip they crossed
through nine time zones as well as through
Estonia, Russia and
Helsinki, Finland. She was amazed at what she saw as they crossed
this great span of country and governments. Estonia had only been
under communist reign for 50 years, and Russia, of course has been
under that reign for much longer. Helsinki, Finland has never been a
part of Communist Russia. The comparison of what they found in those
countries was amazing in the spirit of the people and the villages and
cities that they passed through. It demonstrated so vividly that
where there is an absence in the belief and love of God, there is a
stark difference in the spirit of hope and freedom and love in the
The second story occurred with her parents who were serving a
humanitarian mission in
Romania. The only directions they were given
as they arrived were to "Help the People". It soon became very
apparent of how greatly that was needed. What was a vivid reality was
of the great needs of the disabled. They were basically outlawed in
this country and had no rights. They were to stay unheard and unseen.
Through the great compassion and determination of the Price's they
were able to help this group of people. They even organized a
Special Olympics" which is an almost impossible task, but with divine
intervention and the rallying of many good people this took place and
blessed the lives of countless people, including those of special
needs as well as the citizens of Romania that came to their aid in
volunteering. It was an excellent example of loving our fellow men
and becoming strong advocates wherever we are and however we can.
Special Guest: Dan Liljenquist, Utah Senate District 23
One of Sen. Liljenquist's favorite quotes is of
Teddy Roosevelt, "Do
what you can with what you have, where you are."
He spoke of Divine Law and Neurosis in Government. Personal morality
is a foundation of freedom. In the book "The 5000 Year Leap" it
states that government built on personal morality cannot ignore the
consequences of the breakdown of these principles. Divine Law is
truth. It does not change for it is.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
"Truth is the treasure of all men." In our government today, things
have become left verses right instead of right verses wrong.
In comparing divine law and neurosis in government Sen. Liljenquist
quoted Carl Young who said, "Neurosis is always a substitute of
legitimate suffering."
M. Scott Peck in his book, "The Road Less
Traveled" said that there are four things that when not done send a
person into a neurosis. They are:
l. when someone can't delay immediate gratification
2. When one cannot accept responsibility for one's actions
3. when one cannot see reality for what it is
4. when one becomes unbalanced

We are experiencing a neurosis in our government and there are many
example of this from the economic downfall that we have just
experienced in the immediate self gratification of bailing ourselves
out of debt to our nation not seeing something for what it is in the
problems and solutions we are facing with our national healthcare.
We have become an unbalanced nation. Sen. Liljenquist sited the
example of the
Governor of Illinois and his lack of private morality
that has become the norm among many of those governing and who have
governed in that state, as well as
President Clinton and his private
actions while serving as President. There has become no clear line
between the private actions and the public actions of these men and
those like them. They have no private morality.
He quoted Winston Churchill who said, "Truth is incontrovertible.
Malice may attack and may deride it , but in the end there it is. "
Sen. Liljenquist said that it is imperative that we keep a dedication
to reality at all costs in government. Truth doesn't change from
election to election. We must keep neurosis out of government.

Thank you to the wonderful and motivating addresses of these two great
public leaders!

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