Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Dear Friends of United Women's Forum,
We want to say thanks to all of the women who attended our meeting this morning at the home of Lauralee Christensen. She gave a wonderful presentation on using our individual power to make a difference in the world. We appreciated her thoughts and all that she has done to help in our country and in her efforts in "United Families International". Watch for a brief synopsis of our meeting with some fun pictures to see! Almost like being there! They will be popping up in your inbox soon!!
Just to make another strong push! The Hate Crime Bill HR 1592 needs our immediate attention!!! Some of you asked for the video clip of Tony Perkins the President of "Family Research Council" I'm passing it on. Please take a minute to read the material below and watch the video attachment as well. As we unite together we can make a difference and we hope you will add your voice to the voice of many others so we can have an impact in this issue. Please contact your State Senators!! They will be voting on it soon. Whatever influence you have with family or friends would also be of help. This bill is on the verge of being passed. It has already passed in the House and is now going to the Senate. Again, this is an urgent matter!!! Thank you so much for responding to this. We hope you are all well and having a good summer so far.


Debra Poulsen, Linda Reeves and our Steering Committee ( Lauralee Christensen, Dalane England, Celestia Himstreet, Kaylma Rohrer, Marge Clayton, Leslie Swartwood and Marva Lyman