Friday, June 15, 2007


United Women's Forum met together on June 13, 2007 to discuss current issues. UWF is a Christian based organization which was formed by Davis County women who are striving to protect the traditional family and freedoms of expression. Their mission statement reads: "United Women's Forum strives to motivate and encourage women of faith to unite and stand together in supporting and defending moral government.""How Can I Make a Difference?" was to topic of this meeting. Lauralee Christensen, voted 2001 Utah Woman Making a Difference, gave several suggestions that women can use to make a difference in the world. "Sincerely pray and ask in faith, expecting God to help you know where and how you are needed," Lauralee said and "reach out to people of faith everywhere. There is strength in numbers." Lauralee spoke about her association with the United Families International organization, which educates through social science research, moral issues such as sexual orientation, cohabitation vs. marriage, pornography, etc. and the force for good that UFI has been in the world through the United Nations. She told of a plaque on the very top of the Washington Monument, the highest structure in Washington DC, which reads: "Praise be to God," symbolizing that God is the very highest source of all that this country represents.Kris Kimball spoke of her recent experience with the Lighted Candle Society which is an organization designed to actively fight the brutality of pornography. She stated that this organization is seeking support for legislation and community awareness to fight this addictive behavior that is running rampant over the internet and the media and encouraged UWF to get involved with Lighted Candle Society to fight this fight.Because the Equal Rights Amendment has returned to the national spotlight, Delane England educated us briefly about the affect ERA legislation would have on our world today. "It is exactly the same (word for word) amendment that failed to pass congress in 1971," Delane stated. A new amendment would change rights of states to have constitutional laws on issues such as divorce, marriage and the military, lawful same sex marriage, draft men and women equally, create federal funding for abortion, enforce Title 9, coed sports, and coed scouts, sororities/fraternities, liberalize sex education in the schools including alternative lifestyle and change social security benefits.Lastly, Debra Poulsen, co-chair of UWF, suggested that we begin to take action against another current issue as well. This bill will soon be up for a vote in the Senate as the "Hate Crime Law." She stated that "HR 1592 legislation, interpreted by the courts, would give more federal protection to crimes committed against homosexuals than crimes committed against other citizens. Liberal courts by-pass words and legislation and interpret to stop freedom of speech with churches, talk programs and other groups or organizations, which they want to squash."Debra suggested that we: 1. sign up to receive email updates from: Family Research Council, Lighted Candle Society and United Families International; 2. educate ourselves; 3, share what we learn with others; 4. forge ahead - one step at a time. Short discussion and questions followed Debra's remarks and it was noted that we should be aware of companies who promote any of these negative issues and boycott them when necessary. Money talks.Meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month at 10 am. Location will be determined and announced.

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