Tuesday, February 23, 2010

United Women’s Forum February 2010 Minutes

Conducting: Diane Prince

: Janet Seamons

Pledge: Jyl Marsden

Kris Kimball; update from the Legislature on the abortion bill and states’ rights bills. Upcoming events Constitution Seminar Feb 19 and 20, Lunch with the Legislators Feb. 17

Jim Nielson introduced himself as a candidate; he is in the same race with Kris Kimball, along with Ben Horsley and John Pitt. They are running for District 19 House Seat currently held by Sheryl Allen

5 Minute Principle: #16 Tammy Hulse

Speaker Cherilyn Eagar (submitted from notes Tammy Hulse provided from her newsletter.)

I had an opportunity to listen to Cherilyn Eager last week as she spoke to the United Women’s Forum in North Salt Lake. This was a unique opportunity, for she was not speaking as a candidate, but as a woman to other women who wanted to preserve liberty. She shared an observation made by a government leader in Washington. “When a conservative woman walks in the room, it neutralizes the effect of her liberal counterparts” When one conservative woman speaks out it has a great effect. The liberals recognize the threat and have responded with attacks on women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Good women across the country must not underestimate the power of influence they hold! Cherilyn talked about the great women who have influenced her life and said that they have three characteristics in common.
1. They do not quit
2. They speak out on principles
3. They are “magnanimous” in meeting adversity and opposition.

The definition of magnanimous is to be courageously noble in mind and heart. A magnanimous woman possesses a loftiness of spirit which enables her to bear trouble calmly, to disdain meanness and pettiness, and to display a noble generosity and forgiveness of others. A woman of such a character has a powerful influence on her community.
Mothers who have sacrificed so much to bear and nurture children have developed such a character. Women who have defended correct principles and high moral standards in the work place and community have displayed magnanimous leadership. I know that our state and nation has many, many women of such character.

Lunch provided by Diane Prince, Marge Clayton, and Kris Kimball

March United Women’s Forum meeting will be March 17th a week later than normal. Our guest speaker will be Senator Dan Liljenquist, He will be telling us what happened in the Legislative Session and that is why the week delay. We will also be covering Principle #3 of the 5,000 Year Leap.

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