Sunday, March 20, 2011

Notice to Attend UN Meeting in April

Many of you who were unable to attend our Meeting this week have been interested in what we saw and heard at the UN CSW. In the correction box below are 2 links with great information put together by Family Watch International on what we saw and heard at this conference. Dalane England, Janet Seamons, Anne Marie Oborn and Kris Kimball attended the UN CSW with the Eagle Forum NGO. While at the UN we helped to support many of the pro-family groups such as The Howard Center, Family First, United Families International and Family Watch International. They is a real need for help at the UN with other like-minded pro-family people. The next conference dealing with Women’s Reproductive Rights is coming up April 11-15th. If you would be interested in attending please call Kris Kimball.

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