Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you to all who attended our 1st meeting of the new year, we were excited to see so many of you attend. There has been many inquires in regards to the DVD we showed at our meeting; The Problem with Same Sex Marriage. If you would like to order your personal copy to have on hand to educate your family and friends you can buy one at this link for 14.95.
We will also have a copy that we will keep in our Library for loaning out.

With the start of our new year it is time for our UWF $10.00 Membership Renewal
(There was a $10.00 cash membership received at our last meeting, but no form for me to know who it belongs to. Please let me know if you paid without turning in a membership form).

We had many sign up to help with our luncheon assignments, right now we are looking for someone who can help with a salad in March and a salad in May.

This week we have a Patriot’s Assembly in Bountiful on Friday Night with Dr. Glenn Kimber, he along with his father in law Dr. Cleon Skousen conducted many Making of America Seminars and have written over 100 books on the Constitution and Freedom. We will also be pleased to hear from Representative Curt Oda that same evening. If you are a Patriot and love America you will want to come and listen to Dr. Kimber and The Tale of Two Constitutions. It is important for us to be effective citizens by learning how our Constitution has changed since it was given to us by the Founders. Friday night at the American Legion Hall in Bountiful 52 W. 200 S. 7:00PM.

If Friday Night doesn’t work in your schedule, we have another Patriot’s Assembly on Thursday Night, the 29th up at the Layton Christian Academy on HWY193 in Layton. Complete details for both of these events are found in the attachments.

Last but not least the Davis County Republican Party is sponsoring a Contest for the Youth in Davis County. They want a new flag designed to represent the DCRP at State and County Conventions. They want the youth of Davis County to be involved and come up with a design for this 1st of it’s kind flag. All the details are on the attached flyer any students that are in Jr, High or High School living in Davis County may participate. The winner will receive recognition for having designed the 1st Republican Party Flag in the state as well as a $50.00 iTunes Card. So let your kids know so they can participate in this fun contest.

Thanks Kris K

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