Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Morning and Happy Veteran’s Day

We again want to thank American Legion Post 79 of Bountiful Utah for Posting the Colors for us at our Meeting this week. Today that same AL Post 79 is holding a special Veteran’s Day Program at the American Legion Hall 52 W. 200 S. The public is welcome to attend. It will begin at 11:00am.

Tonight at the American Legion Hall a new Constitution Class will begin, this time you will learn about the Constitution itself after this class you will not only be able to read, but you’ll actually understand the language of that amazing document. Most importantly you will learn the Constitution from the original intent. This is a perspective that is no longer taught in our schools universities or even law schools. Constitutional lawyers are taught about the Constitution but only from a perspective of case law, not on the history and founding of the document. When you finish with this course you will be well equipped to ask the important questions to our 2012 group of candidates. The attached flyer has all the details.

Next week for those of you living in the southern Davis County below Cherry Hills; Cherilyn Eager will be speaking and sharing information about her Congressional Race. She is running for the 2nd Congressional District that is currently held by Jim Matheson. Southern Davis; Bountiful Area and such is now in the 2nd Congressional District. Rob Bishop will no longer be representing us. Cherilyn will be at Dalane England’s home 2692 Grand Oak Cir. Bntfl. At 6:30PM on November 16. This is a great way for you to meet Cherilyn up close and personal so you can make a more educated decision when election time comes in 2012.

Have a wonderful Veteran’s Day,

Kris K

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