Friday, September 26, 2008

October 8, 2008 "Protecting the Role of the Family"

JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton is a strong family advocate and she has worked tirelessly to protect families by helping community governments establish child-appropriate standards in Utah and across the U.S. so that the "harmful to minors" law can be enforced. As Founder and Director of Citizens for Families, with a membership of 4,000 families, her ideas on protecting the family have been aired on Canadian talk shows and the BYU Worldwide Education Week Broadcast. She feels one of her most important accomplishments is getting the White Ribbon Week program, which educates students against pornography, into our public schools. She has published three books, twelve CDs and has a website, She also writes a column, A Minute For Parents, for the Davis County Clipper and a California newspaper. She has a large family and has served as the wife of a mission president for the LDS church.

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