Sunday, September 7, 2008

United Women's Forum

I was intrigued last summer when a small booklet was handed to me, and an invitation was given by a friend to attend a group called the "United Women's Forum." Like many women, my time seemed to be so busy that I wasn't sure how I could possibly fit one more thing into my already over scheduled life. I decided to peruse the booklet, and to my surprise, found that I was immediately impressed with the mission statement of this group. Further, I wanted to show respect to my friend, and so I decided to attend a meeting. All I can say is "wow," am I glad that I did. It definitely exceeded my expectations and has become something that I look forward to each month.
The United Women's Forum is made up of women primarily from Davis County who care about our community, state and country and want to be informed about what is happening in our government. This is an organization of women who are moral and have a firm faith in Jesus Christ and believe that it is His right to rule in the affairs of men. In the forum, not only do we learn what is currently going on in government by those who have taken the time to be informed, but in the process we are given ideas of even small ways that we can make a difference. As an added bonus, each month a dynamic speaker is invited. We have been enlightened by such speakers as; Congressman Bishop (United States Congress), Stephen Studdert (former senior White House Advisor to three U.S. Presidents), Dan Jones (popular pollster) Judge David Sam (Senior Judge of the District of Utah for the United States District Court), Ardeth Kapp (former LDS Church Young Women's President) Jill Stevens (Miss Utah who has been serving in the Utah National Guard and was stationed in Afghanistan), and others. One of the things I have really enjoyed is the opportunity for questions and answers with our guest speaker at the end of their talk. We have truly been taught. Each meeting has been most interest and informative.
As well as being enlightened, I think one of the things that has impressed me the most at the United Women's Forum is the caliber of women who attend. I have loved getting to know many of these women. It has been pleasing to see that in spite of their busy lives, they have made it a priority to take this 1 1/2 hours a month to be informed and where possible to make their voices heard.
The United Women's Forum is open to anyone who would like to attend. You will find it is very much, worth the time.

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